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SIGnalytics - The Special Interest Group of Analytics

FORE School of Management, is a one stop destination for all the data enthusiasts who have a keen interest in identifying patterns in data and finding meaningful insights out of it.

The main agenda of this committee is to enable learning and skill development in the field of Analytics. This purpose is served by conducting a variety of analytics based events throughout the year. The series of workshop and seminars conducted by SIGnalytics are aimed at making the students industry ready and full of knowledge.

Some of the events organized by the team are as follows:
  • Vedanam Seminar - : It is the flagship event of Team SIGnalytics, in which various industry experts are invited to share their experiences and have insightful interactions with students so as to enhance their learnings in the field of Analytics.
  • DataVerse Competition - : The competition DataVerse is held across 3 rounds, where the first two rounds are conducted online via Unstop and MS Teams, whereas the Final round is conducted offline as an on campus round. The purpose of the competition is to judge the analytical as well as critical thinking skills of B-school students who have an inclination towards the field of IT and Analytics. Round 1: Treasure Hunt Round 2: Buzzer Round Round 3: Data Rumble
  • Advanced Excel Workshop - : The workshop trains the students on how to collaborate with advanced Microsoft Excel functions, develop a thorough understanding of Quick Analysis features, become acquainted with Microsoft Excel functions such as conditional formatting, pivot tables based on multiple tables etc.
  • PowerBI Workshop - : The session is aimed at helping the students to develop a better understanding of data analytics and visualization. Where the workshop covers topics ranging from building a dashboard to creating a report in Power BI and touches upon all concepts ranging from basic to the advanced level.

Event Gallery :

Team Members:

  • Vartika Sharma (Coordinator)

  • Sunil Kumar Jaggi (Co-Coordinator)

  • Aahan Malik (Senior Member)

  • Abhishek Madaan (Senior Member)

  • Animesh Sharma (Senior Member)

  • Prakriti Nagpal (Senior Member)

Events and Activities Reports :

SIGnalytics Events and Activities Report AY 2022-23

SIGnalytics Events and Activities Report AY 2021-22

SIGnalytics Events and Activities Report AY 2020-21


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