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Conference Partners

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Foundation for Organisational Research and Education (FORE) is committed to the advancement of Management Education, Research, Training, and Consultancy. Incorporated in 1981, as a non-profit institution, FORE has been working with industry and academia for developing new domains of managerial thought and education and contributing to building leaders in today's global business environment.... More



FORE School of Management has set up a new Center of Excellence in the area of Frugal Innovations which will be called “Center for Research and Innovation in Frugal Technology Management” (CRIFT). The Center, which is first of its kind in India on frugal innovations, will work closely with industry and technology institutes in India and abroad to contribute to the body of knowledge in the area of frugal innovations ... More



The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa (CFIA) is an academic research centre focused on frugal innovation. CFIA investigates how frugal innovations and technologies contribute to poverty reduction, inclusive development and sustainable outcomes. The centre was founded in 2013 as part of a strategic alliance between Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Through innovative and outstanding teaching and research. ... More


The Australasian Frugal Innovation Network (AFIN)

The Australasian Frugal Innovation Network (AFIN) resides within RMIT University's College of Business (Melbourne, Australia). It was established in 2018 aiming to become the leading frugal innovation hub for research, teaching and industry collaboration in Australasia. AFIN cooperates with leading global research institutions on a variety of projects that include academic research, the authoring of journal papers in addition to books and white papers ... More



The Center for Research and Interdisciplinary (CRI) experiments and spreads new ways of learning, teaching, conducting research and mobilizing collective intelligence in the life, learning and digital sciences. It was founded in 2005 by François Taddei and Ariel Lindner to create a student/researcher centered open environment in which they can collaborate together to build a world where lifelong learning is at the heart of the society. ... More


Sirjan Sanchar

Sirjan Sanchar is a leading organization in the field of innovation, covering the entire continuum from creativity to entrepreneurship. SRIJAN SANCHAR has set up a networked incubator SRIJAN SAMARTHAN that develops further ideas of entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs/promoters who do not have time or other resources for pursuit of ideas, at selected institutions of learning. This incubator helps the academic institution in identification of faculty and student teams to work on ideas(products or services) proposed by the enterprises ... More


Smart Village

Smart Village is a community empowered by Digital Technologies and Open Innovation platforms to Access Global Market. It is a group of passionate global citizens that are concerned about the 3.4 billion rural people in the world that do not have access to global markets. It works with, global corporations and universities to enable rural people to provide for themselves through entrepreneurship, job training and onboarding them to open innovation governments platforms. ... More



InnoFrugal is a nonprofit association that promotes frugal innovation activities in Finland and Nordics and facilitates impact investing financing opportunities for social enterprises. Our main activities include frugal innovation workshops on product design & development and business model innovation;
... More



Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN) is an all India representative organization launched in 2014 with a clear mandate to support, unify and grow the decentralized clean energy sector in India. It particularly aims to bring together diverse stakeholders across India working to improve energy access for the rural and urban poor and create an inspiring model for countries around the world to follow ... More


Maker’s Asylum

Maker’s Asylum is a community space focussed on fostering innovation through hands on learning. It also provides access to an ecosystem of stakeholders which includes Governments, Businesses, Incubators/ Accelerators, Investors and subject matter experts. The space houses various labs that are co-located in order facilitate prototyping of ideas that are interdisciplinary in nature.... More



SunMoksha develops and field-deploys clean and sustainable technology solutions and provides consulting services for rural development and urban sustainability; with focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation. For rural development, it implements projects for socio-economic uplifting of the communities and farmers. For Urban sustainability, it deploys its solutions for management of energy, water, and environment... More



ICE&SDGs serve for resource efficiency, circular economy, sustainability reporting, capacity building and they work for advancement of science & technology, R&D and innovation to foster good governance and support the business for social good.... More



PotHoleRaja is a Public Platform to share, report and know the status of our roads. It is an initiative from Ground Reality. Their mission is to make roads Pothole free & to fix any within 3-5 days. They encourage public participation & encourage citizens to come out of the comfort zone to make our society a better place to live
... More



Sanshodhan is an E-Waste Exchange (EWX) emerged from E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016, GoI. EWX is unique innovation serving as digital infrastructure for citizens and businesses, to directly transfer their electronic waste to Government authorized, technically competent e-waste recyclers.... More