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Full Time PGDM FM



The two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management is an AICTE approved Program. It is designed on a unique curriculum structure to cater to the growing requirements of finance professionals in the field of investment management, banking and financial services with leading corporates, banks and financial institutions.





This program builds a student’s skills and knowledge in finance, and attempts to develop a holistic approach of management in all disciplines of Finance. The program equips the students to gain a hands on approach to Bloomberg terminals and attempts to bridge the gap between financial theory and practice. The total number of approved seats available for this Program is 60.



Program Objectives:


  • Familiarizing the students with the financial environment of business, especially the financial markets
  • Equipping students to gain insight into equity research, financial services, and investment banking services.
  • Developing conceptual framework for regulatory environment with respect to financial markets and institutions.
  • Developing analytical skills and knowledge base of students for risk management and operations and econometrics.  




The instructional methodology comprises of an optimum mix of lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, role-plays, group discussions, special sessions from professionals from industry and trade, management games, sensitivity training, management films, industrial visits and industry interaction. Students are encouraged to present their cases through individual or group presentations. Further opportunity is provided through participation of students in various seminars.




The curriculum of the PGDM (FM) at FORE School of Management is an outcome of benchmarking against the best in the world and continuous review by the faculty in concert with practitioners from industry, alumni and students.  The courses, its content, and design are directed towards developing managers who (i) have holistic and deep knowledge of their functional specialization alongwith the appreciation of its role in overall value proposition of the firm; (ii) are industry ready due to understanding of concepts, frameworks and models steeped in the context of practice; and (iii) have sustainable employable competencies suffused with learning through cutting edge courses, both contemporaneous and futuristic.


In the two years of the programme, students have to undergo both core and elective courses. These courses are an eclectic mix of foundational, perspective building, tools and techniques oriented, and functional courses. The core courses provide rigorous grounding in the discipline of management and the understanding of business in their proper relief. The core courses are taught in the First year which is divided into three Terms (a Term is typically of 10 weeks of classes and at most 2 weeks of examinations).  Elective courses begin from Term-3 onwards. Thus, while Term-1 and Term-2 have just core courses, Term-3 have both core and elective courses. The elective courses allow students to choose and develop proficiency in their Area of Specialization.


Following the first year programme, students are required to undertake 10-12 weeks of  summer internship in a public or private corporate organization. The summer internship programme is a mandatory requirement for the successful completion of the Programme. Summer Internship is expected to provide students powerful managerial insights with regard to business problems, understanding of management concepts in the bedrock of industry practices and refinement of knowledge gained in the classroom.


The second year of the programme, from Term-4 to Term-6 consists  only of elective courses.  These electives comprises of courses offered by different Areas, course of independent study, exchange programmes, and mandatory International Immersion Programme.


International Immersion Programme is a part of the full time course curriculum held after Term-3 for students to have an exposure of international business scenario and global best practices in their respective Area of specialization.  The immersion involves 15 hours of in-class course  in an elective of choice along with  industrial and corporate visits at any one of the international partner institutions abroad. The credit earned in the IIP accrues in Term-6.


Programme Structure and Credits


The institute uses the concept of credits to indicate the number of in-class contact hours in a course  and thus to define the weight of a course. One credit equals 10 in-class contact hours.  The rule of the thumb is that a 3.0 credit course involves around 90 hours of work– 30 hours in the classroom and the rest for preparation and assignments. 


A student at FORE is required to do a total of 103.5 credits for the award of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Financial Management). Out of the required credits, 97.5 credits come from class room teaching and the balance 06 credit from summer internship. The 97.5 credits of class room teaching is obtained from 54.0 credits of core courses and 43.5 credits of electives. It must be noted that the credits earned from summer internship is not used for calculation of CGPA.


Year and Term Wise Credit Course Structure

   First year


21  credits (core)


21 credits (core)


18 credits ( 12 credits from Core courses + 06 credits from Electives)

1 week International Immersion Programme of 1.5 credit (Will reflect in Term-6)

8-10 weeks summer internship Programme  of 6.0 credit

   Second year


18 credits (electives)


9 credits (electives)


10.5 credits (Electives including 1.5 credit earned in IIP)



103.5 credit


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