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Mr.Tarun Mudgal
MR.TARUN MUDGAL, IMG-1 (2007-2009)
Profile : Channel Manager, Corporate sales, Bharti Airtel

 Speaking from personal experience, the students should reach the office on time as it creates a good impression and talks highly of your personality. It's very important to look professional even if the mentor assigned to the students or other people in the office are casually dressed. As they would be carrying the tag of their college, they should be polite and behave in a proper manner. With reference to the students who would be doing their internships in the field of finance, they would need to be well equipped in excel. Students should try and practice basic excel formulas as they would be expected to know such things. They should also revise their fundamentals before joining the internship as it will prove to be handy. Also it is required for them to focus more on the process of doing the project rather than the outcome of the project. In order to avoid last minute problems in Summer Internship Project, students should keep their college faculty mentors updated about the title of the project that they are doing, the methodology being adopted, midway changes if any and most importantly take guidance from them.

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