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Arun Kumar Rao, WMG-4 (1995-1998)
Profile: Vice President, Sales - Dimensions Communications

According to Mr. Rao, the WMG program is well integrated, which enables learning at every step of the way. He also thinks it’s helpful for professionals because they can instantly implement their learning into their work.

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Imran Qadri, FMG-15 (2006-2008)
Profile:Manager of Brands, Hero Group

Imran Qadri, a FORE School of Management alum, reflects on his top-gear professional journey with Hero Group and offers students insight into the world of Brand Marketing

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Ritu Bharti, WMG - 4 (1995-1998)
Profile: Vice President - Head Service Delivery & Client Engagement, The Royal Bank of Scotland NV

“FORE School of Management, New Delhi has made a huge contribution to where I am in life today. " says Ritu Bharti

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Anand Nanda, FMG-5 (1996-1998)
Profile:Director, Colliers International

Mr. Nanda shares his secret mantra: “It’s to roll up your sleeves and know the business. You need to develop people who will take over the business, grow and learn under you.”

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Shashank Sachdeva, IMG-2 (Batch 2008-2010)
Profile:Marketing and Technical VP

An insightful conversation with alumnus Mr. Shashank Sachdeva, FSM explaining what it takes to make it in the business world

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Manoj Chandan Jain, FMG-1 (Batch 1992-1994)
Designation: Entrepreneur & Advisor
Start-up - Social Innovation

From Dotcom to Ecomm – How FORE School of Management held Manoj Jain in good stead right through his amazing journey across the internet industry

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Sandeep Balan (Batch 2005-07)

Sandeep Balan of FORE School of Management's Tryst with Write. Camera. Action.

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Rahul Raizada, FMG (2003 - 2005)
Profile: Director PWC India

From summer internship to Director, PWC, alumnus Rahul Raizada speaks about the role of FORE School of Management, New Delhi in his sensational growth

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Shantanu Saha, FMG -2(1993-1995)
Profile :Founder and CEO of The Recruiters

Shantanu Saha on corporate growth at breakneck speed, and turning entrepreneur thanks to the motivation of the Director, FORE School of Managemen

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Kinny Nayyar, WMG-14 (2005-2008)
Profile: Assistant Manager (Marketing), Luminous Power Technologies (P) Ltd.

Kinny Nayyar, FORE School of Management, New Delhi alum talks about his prolific career in Marketing and stresses the importance of the WMG program

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Gayatree Anand, FMG-17 (Batch 2008-2010)
Profile:Program Manager with Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)

“Don’t be in a job that feels like a job; do what you love. Follow your passion; money, success, etc. will follow.”

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Dr. Ashish Varma, FMG-6 (Batch 1997-1999)
Profile: Assistant Professor at IMT Ghaziabad

"FORE School of Management has given me a lot and whatever I am today, what I can teach my students, is because of my beginning at the institute.”

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Mr. Vivek Mittal, FMG-2 (Batch 1993-1995)
Profile: Founder and Chariman R K Foundation India

Mr. Vivek Mittal, FORE School of Management alum, describes his vision for education and discusses how his B-School was instrumental in his career graph.

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Sandeep Sabharwal FMG-2 (Batch 1993-1995)
CEO- Sohan Lal Commodity Management Group

Recognized as one of the Most Innovative CEOs, Sandeep Sabharwal, CEO of Sohan Lal Commodity Management Group, reflects on his entrepreneurial journey paved during his days spent at FORE.

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Renu Misra FMG- 3 (Batch 1994-1996)
Profile: Managing Director at Lixil Water Technology leading Grohe & American Standard in India

“Explore & take risks; perform & see results,” says Alumna, Renu Misra, reflecting on her journey from a commerce student to becoming the Managing Director at Grohe India.

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Dhruv Bansal (Batch 2011-13)

Dhruv Bansal, FORE alum, on the significance of taking risks for rewarding corporate careers

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Pramit J.Nathan, FMG-3 (1994-1996)
Profile:Director of Strategy and Branding at Creative, Inc

Alumni award recipient, Pramit J.Nathan, stands as an example to others

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Anjali Joneja Amar FMG (1994- 1996)
Profile:Engagement Practices, TV and Media Business, Ericsson

Engagement Practices, TV and Media Business, Ericsson

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Ankur Ashta, FMG-13 (Batch 2004-2006) Profile: Discovery Communications, Marketing Manager

There’s a method to madness when it comes to being a published author at 33, says Ankur Ashta, Marketing Manager at a leading media company, and Author of Heart, Mind and Wallet.

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Mr. Harkawal Singh, FMG-8 (1999 - 2001)
Profile: Senior Manager- Marketing, Dabur

It is important to have the attitude of a team player and the attitude of an entrepreneur and not an employee” suggested alumnus Harkawal Singh, Senior Manager- Marketing, Dabur

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Mr. Ishu Bhasin, FMG- 14 (2005- 2007)
Profile: Brand Manager- Hero MotoCorp Limited

During my on-campus placements at FORE School of Management, I sat for 10 companies and was rejected by 9 of them”, said a smiling Ishu Bhasin. “The point is‘never ever lose hope’; because there will surely be atleast one company that is waiting for you.

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Mr. Sitesh Padhee FMG-10 (2001-2003)
Profile: Senior Manager – Sales, Corporate Relations (Mortgages), HDFC Bank

At FORE School of Management we had some of the greatest faculty- regular and visiting. What they taught us comes handy time and again during the corporate life.

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Mr. Pankaj Sarin, FMG-7 (1998-2000)
Profile: Regional Manager – Enterprise Cloud Services (North & East), Hewlett Packard

In my opinion, during summer internship, students should try and maximize the gain from the opportunity at hand by being effective and working hard. The corporate world is small and well connected. Leaving good impressions on colleagues and developing cor

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Mr. Saurab Saharan, IMG 4 (2010- 2012)
Profile: Director, HCBS development Pvt. Ltd.

“FORE has given me more than can be put in words; not just in terms of management, or soft-skills, but in terms of the right business ethics as well.”

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Mr.Tarun Mudgal, IMG-1 (2007-2009)
Profile: Channel Manager, Corporate sales, Bharti Airtel

Speaking from personal experience, the students should reach the office on time as it creates a good impression and talks highly of your personality. It's very important to look professional even if the mentor assigned to the students or other people in t

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Mr. Manoj Chandan Jain, FMG-1 (1992-1994)
Profile:Vice President and Business Head for South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Birlasoft (India) Ltd.

It was my final year of Engineering and like all other students, I also had to make a choice whether to study further or join a job at a private manufacturing company or at a PSU or may be, spend around 2 years preparing for UPSC without any certainty of

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Mr. Neeraj Tomar, FMG-6 (1997-1999)
Profile: AVP-Marketing, Idea Cellular

Mr. Tomar was kind enough to answer a few questions put to him before speaking his mind to the students in Rendezvous. What is your fondest memory of FORE? "There were so many of them; it would be unfair to highlight one".

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Deepa Batra, WMG - 16
Profile: Asia-Pacific Registration Coordinator at EI Dupont India

“I was looking for the best MBA program based on evening classes, because I didn’t want to quit my job for my MBA. After a lot of research I realised that FORE School of Management was really the one and only option.”

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Kunal Khattar, FMG-2 (1993-1995)
Profile: Co-founder & VP of Carnation Auto

Kunal Khattar, a FORE School of Management alumnus, talks about his award-winning homecoming

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Nishad Mahendru
Profile:CEO & Co-Founder of Pure Media Imagination

“I started my firm from a basement and with zero capital in hand,” says Mr. Nishad Mahendru, CEO & Co-Founder of Pure Media Imagination

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Mr. Vivek Malhotra, FMG-1 (1992-1994)
Profile: AVP-Marketing, Idea Cellular

There are too many memories of my two years at FORE to pick any one. However, the parties and get together remain the most cherished. I have a number of colleagues at Idea who are FORE alumni, so it's good to stay in touch and catch up on the old times"

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Adarsh Kumar, FMG- 1 (1992-1994)
Profile:Executive VP and Business Head with TATA Motors Finance Ltd

Mr. Adarsh Kumar, FORE School of Management Alumnus wins Executive Leadership Award at Jubilate 2013

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Mr. Jyoti Das, Batch: FMG-1 (1992-1994)
Profile:Brand Manager – Swatch India (Business Head -India)

Life is one marathon we cannot avoid but run. The breaths & gasps of friends alongside provide an uncanny sense of assurance while the smirks of foes pain the heart. Scarry stretches of loneliness haunts the cerebrum while the beautiful flora in the next

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Divanshu Kapoor , FMG-18(Batch 2009-2011)
Profile : Founder-Rechristened as XLNT India

How FORE School of Management turned incubator for Divanshu Kapoor’s unique start up

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Abhishek Gier,WMG-10 (2001-2004)
Profile:Founder, NGO- Catalyst

Mr. Abhishek Gier, a FORE School of Management, New Delhi alum, embraces the role of “Catalyst” with his NGO to better the lives of many

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ASHIMA MANCHANDA, WMG- 18 (2009-2012)
Profile: Assistant Marketing Communications Manager, Hilton Garden Inn, New Delhi/Saket Hotel

"I think FORE itself is a brand, everyone wants to get associated with FORE," she said. "To say you have done your MBA from FORE means a lot."

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Abhishek Sachdeva, FMG (2002- 2004)
Profile: Founder Director,

“FORE School of Management empowered me with the complete skill-set required to ascend the corporate hierarchy- analytical skills, looking at the macro-view of things, communication and presentation skills.”

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