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Center for Customer Management and Analytics

About the Center:

One of the biggest challenges the companies around the World face today are retaining existing customers and at the same time converting customers that are on the fringe. Both retention and conversion customers requires a multidimensional approach: streamlining existing internal and supplier facing processes that impact cost and quality of products and services; creating and developing an environment for constant innovation in products and services either to fill an existing gap or creating an altogether new want. Coupled with all these is the march of technology that is moving delivery of goods and services from real world to virtual world. Among all these web of transformations, slowly but surely, analytics is coming to occupy center stage.

Analytics is, however, a multidisciplinary discipline. It lies at the cross-section of machine learning, information technology, quantitative and statistical techniques and domain knowledge. Center for Customer Management and Analytics strives to bring to fore-front an integrated approach touching these disciplines and promote both education and consultancy in the area of better customer management by applying analytics with the larger objective of bringing overall benefit to society.


Research Themes & Goals of the Center:

• To provide consultancy in Big Data and Data Analytics both on technology side as also on Analytics side.
• To organize short term and long term courses in Big Data and Data Analytics.
• To promote research in applications of Big Data in Customer Management.
• As Big Data modeling has applications in many areas, the Center will be approaching Public Sector and Departments of Government for short courses for senior officers in the Government.

Professor-in-charge : Prof. Ashok Kumar Harnal


Event calendar:

• Big Data and Data Analytics Course for Managers and PGDM students (final year), September 2015.
• 120-hr course in Big Data and Data Analytics for Managers: October 2015-March 2016
• Two-half day workshops in Data Analytics for Students: September 2015
• A three day MDP in Marketing Analytics: December 2015


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Updates/ Events held: One consultancy project on Delhi Airport has been executed.

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