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Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource

Prof. Neetu Jain

PhD, MBA, M.Sc (Chem), Dip TD (ISTD), UGC- NET
Experience: 14 Years

Background & Experience


She is recipient of ‘AIMS International Outstanding Young Management Researcher Award’ 2009 at IIM, Bangalore and ‘Rashtriya Gaurav Award’, 2009 by IIFS. Having a consistently good academic record, she has presented several papers in national and international conferences & contributed research papers to well known journals and periodicals. She conducts Management Development Programmes in area of Human Resource Management & Organisation Behaviour. 



International Paper Presentation

  • Presented paper on "Human Capital Creation Practices in Indian Knowledge Intensive Service" along with Dr. Alok Goel in 42nd IFTDO World conference organized by IFTDO & ISTD in Delhi from 22-25th April,2013
  • Presented paper on "Identifying work related stress among employees in Indian Financial Sector" in the international conference of IJAS organized at Harvard University from May29 to June1,2011
  • Invited speaker in an International conference on "Indian Management for global Effectiveness: Insights from Mahabharata" organised by Sambodh foundation in collaboration with IBA, Bangalore on 19th & 20th Feb ,2010
  • Chaired the session and presented paper on "Developing Human Capital: The key to Growth and Prosperity in an International Conference organsied by AIMS (Association of Indian Management Scholars) at IIM, Bangalore from 20th to 23rd Dec,2009
  • Innovative Perspective in Indian Management: A model building approach paper presented in an International Conference on ‘Modern and Ancient Management: Directions for future of Management Thought'' organsied by AIMS at IBA, Greater Noida, from 28th to 30th Dec, 2008
  • Invited speaker in an International conference on " Expanding Horizons of Indian Business and Indian Management" organized by IBA ,Greater Noida, on Feb 19-20,2008. Paper presented on "From Anekantavada to Omega Circle Approach"
  • Invited speaker and paper presented on "Retaining and Engaging Talent" in an International conference organized by Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies (I.P.University) on 5th Jan,2008.
  • "Managing Organizational Innovation and Creativity through P Element" presented in International Conference on "Global Competitiveness" at IIM Khozikode on 25th March,2006


Acceptance for International Conference

  • "Unleashing creativity of Intellectual Capital for organizational excellence" accepted for presentation in fifth International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics scheduled at Matera, Italy from 24th - 26th June 2010
  • "Responsible leadership in Economic crisis' accepted in International symposium on ‘Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and the Common Good' at Rennes school of Business ,France in Dec,2009
  • "Gandhian Nonviolence For Personal Transformation: A Framework for Better Communication" accepted for presentation in International conference in U.S organized by Gandhi Peace Foundation in 2005.


Paper Presentation at National Conference

  • 1. "Creating Value through Strategic HRM" presented in a National Conference on "Corporate Strategies & Innovations in the emerging Global Economy " organized by Indraprastha University on 23rd- 24th Nov., 2007
  • 2. "Towards Corporate Development : Insight from ancient scriptures" presented in the National seminar on "New Frontiers in Indian Management" organized by University of Banasthali on 19th Nov.,2006
  • "Indian Ethos in Management for Self, Society and World" presented in the National Seminar on "Indian Contribution to Management Thought" organized by RDIAS on 18th Nov.,2006
  • Towards Good Corporate Governance" presented in National conference on "Corporate Governance Practices in India: Challenges and Issues" organised by IMT, Faridabad, sponsored by AICTE on 5th Sep,2004 and awarded second prize
  • "Women education and Gender disparities" presented in the National seminar on "Rajasthan: Next Millennium-Status of Women with special reference to Education" organized by Banasthali Vidyapith in January,2000
  • Invited speaker in International convention on "Self Evolution through Jain way of life" organized by YJI society.

Research Papers / Publications

A. Book : "New Spiritual Foundations of Management" released by Dr.. Bengt Gustavsson, Stockholm University, Sweden in an International conference on  "Expanding horizons of Indian Business and Indian Management" organized by  IBA, Greater Noida, on Feb 19, 2008.

B. Research Papers(Published)

Book: “New Spiritual Foundations of Management” released by Dr.. Bengt Gustavsson, Stockholm University, Sweden in an International conference on “ Expanding Horizons of Indian Business and Indian Management” organized by Indian Business Academy ,Greater Noida, on Feb 19, 2008.

  • Jain ,Neetu,  ‘Exploring the right conduct of a manager : Insights from Indian Management' forthcoming in International journal of Indian culture and Business management, an Inderscience journal
  • Jain ,Neetu, Understanding followers' duty orientation from Indian management wisdom,International journal of Indian culture and Business management, vol 6, no.3
  • Jain, Neetu, Panchsheela Model of Leadership: A new model for Organisational Survival and Growth' ,Journal of Human Values, Issue-12.1, 2011
  • Jain, Neetu, Leadership Insights from Jaina Text Saman Suttam, Global Business Review, Vol.12, No.1,Feb 2011
  • Jain, Neetu & Dutta Sumedha, Leadership's Old truth in a new context, MAIMS Journal of Management, Vol 7, no.1, April, 2012
  • Jain, Neetu, Redesigning Organisations through Innovation :Towards a new framework, Indian Journal of Training and Development, vol-40, no.-1, Jan- March,2010
  • Jain, Neetu, Framework of Talent Retention: A spiritual perspective, Indian Journal of Training &  Development , vol-39, no.-.1, Jan- March 2009
  • Jain, Neetu , An Empirical study of Emotional Intelligence at Work, ‘Business  Perspectives' , vol.-11, no.- 1, Jan-June ,2009
  • Jain, Neetu ,Towards Indian Perspective of Corporate Governance: Need for Spiritual Regeneration, Fortune Journal of International Business, vol.- 4, no.- 2, 2007
  • Jain, Neetu ,From Anekanatavada to Omega Circle approach, Business Research, June, 2009
  • Jain, Neetu, Making Teaching- Learning Pedagogy more vibrant for better results, Srusti Management Review,, vol.- 2, Issue-1, Jan-July 2009
  • Jain, Neetu, The art of good corporate Governance, PCTE journal of Business Management,vol.5,Issue no.-2, July- Dec ,2008
  • Jain, Neetu ,Environmental Concern: Need for Sustainable Development, Effulgence, ,Vol-4, Jan-June, 2006
  • Jain, Neetu, Pursuit of Spirituality : The New Retention Mantra, Effulgence , July-Dec., 2005
  • Jain, Neetu "Anger Management: The need of hour" published in International journal "Business Research", August, 2004
  • Jain, Neetu ,Spirit at Work, Southern Economist, volume 41, Number –5, July 2002, Bangalore


C.  Other Articles & Conference Papers

  • Jain, Neetu ,Managing Employee attrition: The way ahead, International conference on "New concepts and Practices related to Human Behavior" ,15th March, 2008
  • Jain, Neetu , Innovative Perspective in Indian Management: A model building approach", International conference on ‘Modern and Ancient Management: Directions for future of Management Thought, AIMS International, IBA, Feb 19-20,2008
  • Jain, Neetu & Khurana, V.K, A successful way to Mergers & Acquisitions: New Docking model, National conference on "Emerging Business Strategies: Roadmap and Roadblocks for Indian Subcontinent, 8th to 9th March, 2008
  • Jain, Neetu , Creating Value through Strategic HRM, National Conference on "Corporate Strategies & Innovations in the Emerging Global Economy, I.P.University, 23-24 Nov, 2007
  • Jain, Neetu ,Managing Organizational Innovation and Creativity through P Element (abstract), International Conference on "Global Competitiveness, IIM, Khozikode from 23-25 March,2006
  • Jain, Neetu , Management for Nation building in India in New Millennium, Managing Globalisation Race, eds. D D Chaturvedi & R.K.Chopra, International conference on Management across continents: The new Vistas, October, 2005, Delhi
  • Jain, Neetu ,Women at Work, Management Today, eds.  K.Janardan & M.Shankar, 2003,Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai
  • Jain, Neetu & Purohit ,Harsh, Values and Ethics based Management :The need of the new age, Management Today, eds. K.Janardan & M.Shankar, 2003,Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai
  • Jain, Neetu ,Summary of Proceedings of the National Conference on "Indian Management for Nation Building :New Ideas for New Millennium", "Indian Management for Nation Building :New Ideas for New Millennium" , ed. Siddhartha Shastri,2002, Banasthali Vidyapith
  • Jain, Neetu ,Review of Indian Management for nation building ,Vivek Management, 1999,Indore
  • Jain, Neetu ,  Role of Doctrine of Syadvada in Today's World, stood first in the order of merit in a competition organized by website & Article "Spirituality Affects Performance at Work" uploaded on the website


D. Book Reviews

  • Sharma,Subhash, New Earthshastra,Vision, Volume 17 no. 2 April-June Issue, 2013
  • Singh ,Kavita, Organizational Behaviour : Text and Cases. Abhigyan, Vol -27, No. s3,Oct- Dec.,2009
  • Deb, Tapomay, Performance Appraisal and Management: Concepts, antecedents  and applications ,Abhigyan, Vol XXVI, No. 3,Oct-  Dec.,2008
  • Singh, B.D, Managing Conflict and Negotiation, Abhigyan, XXV1, No. 2,July-      Sept.,2008
  • Sharma, Subhash,Management Mantras in Corporate Corridors,  Effulgence, July- December , 2007
  • Sharma, Subhash, Management in new Age: Western Windows Eastern Doors,   Effulgence, July- December,2006
  • Tripathi, A.N, Human Values, Effulgence , July-Dec. ,2005


E. Working Papers

  • Jain, Neetu, A holistic approach of motivating, developing and retaining talent, FORE school of Management, No. 25, April, 2012
  • Understanding the role of Chinese cultural ethos in Chinese Management, FORE school of Management, No. 10, December, 2011


Research Guidance

  • Providing research guidance to seven scholars for PhD : From University of Banasthali
  • Guided three scholars for M Phil dissertations :From Madurai Kamraj University


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