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Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource

Prof. Sudeep Sharma

Visiting Fellow

M.S. (Business Administration, Washington University in St. Louis), M.Sc. (London School of Economics and Political Sciences), M.Tech. (Indian Institute of Technology), PhD (pursuing Olin Business School, Washington university in St. Louis)
Experience: Over 8 Years

Background & Experience

Sudeep Sharma studied three Masters Degrees from prestigious institutions namely Indian Institute of Technology (M. Tech. in Industrial engineering), The London School of Economics and Political Sciences (M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior) and Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis (MS in Business Administration). He was the first rank holder in the respective class of all the three Masters Degrees and was awarded "British journal of industrial relations award" for his performance in the LSE. He is currently finishing his PhD. in Business administration from Olin Business School, Washington University in St Louis.

His scholarly works have been published in a range of top management and psychology journals in recent years. He also presented his research in many top international conferences such as Annual Academy of management meetings and Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology conferences. He along with his co-authors developed situational judgment test (SJT) based Emotional intelligence measure, which has been accepted for publication in International journal of selection and assessment. This is the first SJT measure developed, tested and validated in the world. His another paper "Individual Differences in Expressing and Perceiving Nonverbal Cues: New Data on an Old Question", was listed on Social Science Research Network's Top Ten download list in the year 2010.


Areas of Interest & Teaching

He is currently working on research projects related to wide range of interesting areas such as negotiation and conflict management, judgment and decision makings, role of individual differences in interpersonal relationship, emotions at work places and psychometric test development and assessment.


Research Publications and Presentations

  • Sharma, S., Gangopadhayay, M., Austin, E.J. & Mandal, M. K. (2012). Development and validation of a situation judgement test of Emotional Intelligence. International Journal of Selection and Assessment. In press.
  • Sharma, S., Deller, J., Biswal, R., & Mandal, M. (2009), Emotional Intelligence: Factorial Structure and Construct Validity across cultures, International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 9, 217-236.
  • Elfenbein, H. A., Foo, M. D., Mandal, M. K., Biswal, R., Eisenkraft, N., Lim, A., & Sharma, S. (2009) Displaying and perceiving nonverbal cues of affect: New data on an old question. Journal of Research in Personality, 44, 199-206.
  • Sharma, S. (2011). Chaired symposium on “cross cultural differences in negotiation” at the 71st meeting of the Academy of Management, San Antonio, Texas.
  • Sharma, S., Elfenbein, H.A., & Bottom, B. (2012). Role of cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence in Negotiation: A Meta Analysis. Paper presented at the 72nd meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston, Massachusetts .
  • Elfenbein, H. A., Sharma, S. Kopelman, S., Eisenkraft, N., & Curhan, J. R. (2011). Individual differences and negotiation outcomes: A cross-cultural field study. Paper presented at the 71st meeting of the Academy of Management, San Antonio, Texas.
  • “Personality and Emotional Intelligence” poster presented at the International Symposium on Personality at work (Jointly organized by University Of Lueneburg and University of Minnesota), May, 2005, University of Lueneburg, Germany.

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