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Economics & Business Policy

Prof. Neeti Shikha

Experience: 4 Years

Background & Experience

She holds a masters degree from University College London where she was awarded distinction in her corporate modules. She has received a specialist training at Clifford Chance LLP London, in the area of Asset Finance, Securitization and Litigation.  Before joining FORE School of Management, Neeti worked as an Assistant Professor at National Law University Jodhpur. She has served as Executive Director, Centre for Corporate and Commercial Law at National law University Jodhpur. She has experience of both teaching as well as working in law firm in Singapore.


Areas of Interest

Her teaching, research and consultancy interest areas include corporate governance, corporate laws and commercial contracts. In the area of corporate governance, her main focus of research is on directors’ duties, role of independent director and CSR, among others. Further, the new companies’ bill has been another area of research interest. She is interested in studying the efficacy of changes brought into the current legislation by the New Companies Bill and accessing the impact of the proposed changes. Various facets of Commercial Contracts such as drafting of contracts, its enforceability, and calculation of damages are also on the list of her interest areas for research, consultancy and teaching.


Papers and Publications

She has published papers at various national and international journals such as Journal of World Trade and Investment, Switzerland; Ankara Law Review, Turkey; and World Journal of Business Studies.  She also has two book chapters to her credit which has been published with McMillan International Publications and Universal Publications. She has presented papers in several national and international conferences. She has reviewed articles for Journal published by Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad. She was invited to participate at “Liberty and Society Seminar”, Institute of Humane Studies, George Mason University, and deliberate on free market and policy issues.  


International Publication

  • 'Globalization and economic asymmetries in international trade and development: Challenges and opportunities' Journal of Trade and Investment Volume 12 2011.
  • “Competition and WTO A dead End” Forthcoming in Ankara Law Review.
  • “Designing a Size that Fits All” published at International Conference on Business Strategy and Management 2011, held at Kolkatta, India.
  • “Corporate Takeover through scheme and a Few Risks”, published at World Journal of Business Studies, Vol 1 No1 (2010) page 85-100.


National Publication

  • Securitisation and Basel Changes- Thinking Global and Acting Local (Published at the Banking Law and Financial Regulations 2011 at NLU Delhi)
  •  “Takeover through Scheme- A changing Trend” Vikalpa, journal published by IIM Ahmadabad (Forthcoming).
  • Published an Article on Development of Juvenile Justice Laws in Indian BarReview. (Volume XXXVI (1to 4)2009 at page 229.)
  • “Potemkin village of Independent Directors”, Journal on Governance, Vol.1 No.5 2012 at 489 National.


International Conference/ Workshops

  • Paper Presentation on the paper titled “Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders Interest: A Road that Never Meets or Does it? Organised by Society for Global Business and Economic Development (SGBED), at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
  • Paper Presentation on the paper titled “Globalisation and its Impact on Corporate Governance in Asia”at 9th Asian Law Institute Conference held at National Law University Singapore in May 2012.
  • “Securitisation and Basel Reforms – Thinking Global and Acting Local” at Banking Law and Financial Regulations 2011 organised by NLU Delhi
  • Common Law of Learning Workshop on Legal Education Writing.
  •   9th Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (APCCAN 2011)
  • Presented a paper titled FDI in Higher Education at International Conference on Higher Education held by Institute of Public Enterprise and HRD Ministry Bihar.
  • Presented  a paper at international  conference on 'Globalization and economic asymmetries in international trade and development: Challenges and opportunities' held at the IIM Lucknow (India) in association with the Athenian Policy Forum (APF), a global non-profit institution in Canada which  operates from Athens, Greece and Toronto, Canada.
  • Presented a paper titled at International Symposium at National Law School Bangalore on “Pornography, an Emerging Concern”.
  •  Book chapters 

    • ‘FDI in Higher Education: Challeges and Opportunity” Facets of Higher Education; Macmillan Publication on Advance Research Series, at page 294
    •  “Contractual Aspect of Pornography Law” Chapter 8 Pornography Law by Universal Publication.

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