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Quantitative Techniques and Operations

Prof. Mohita Gangwar Sharma

FPM, IIM-Lucknow; MPIB, IIFT; B.Tech., IIT-BHU (Varanasi)

Email :
Contact : 011-4648550
Total Years of Experience : 22 Years
Brief description of Experience :

Worked in the Transformer Design Area in BHEL (4 years) and the Materials Management Deptt. of Air India (erstwhile Indian Airlines) dealing with Procurement, Inventory Planning and Inventory Reporting. Experience in the operational area of both manufacturing and service industry.

Research Interest Areas :

After sales services, Green collaboration, Supply Chain-Business/Humanitarian, Quality aspects, Operations Strategy

Consulting Interest Areas :

Supply Chain Redesign, Quality, Procurement

Selected Publications :

1).Mohita G Sharma and K.NSingh “Servitisation,Coopetition and Sustainability: An operations perspective in Aviation Industry” in Vikalpa: The journal for Decision Makers, Vol.42(3) 145-152;
2). Gangwar, M., J.K. Das, and K.N. Singh. 2016. Greendust: Revolutionizing The Returns Process. Ivey Publishing.Ivey Business School at Western Ontario. [Case No.: 9B16D010]
3). Gangwar, M. and Sharma, S. M., (2016) “Risks, Determinants and Perspective for creating a Railway Biodiesel supply chain: Case study of India,” Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier Publishing-available online
4). Gangwar , M. and Srivastava Samir K. (2015), “Leveraging the Social Welfare Chain to provide Resilience during Disaster,” International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications,
( (B-Category in ABDC)
5). Sharma, Mohita G. and Singh, Kashi N., “Modelling Coopetition in Aircraft Spare Part Supply Chain: Game-theoretic approach ,” International Journal of Procurement Management. ( C-Category in ABDC)
( In Press
6). Sharma, Mohita G. and Sharma, Sachinder M. (2014), “Evaluating choice of traction option for a sustainable Indian Railways,” Transportation Research Part-D, vol. 33, pp. 135-145. (A-Category in ABDC)
7). Sharma, Mohita G. and Singh, Kashi N. (2014), “Managing Spares Inventory Through Life Time Value Assessment,” Operations and Supply Chain Management, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 121-129. (C-Category in ABDC)
8). Sharma, Mohita G. and Singh, Kashi N. (2009), “A real options approach to Spares Management,” Udyog Pragati-Journal of NITIE, vol. 34 (4), pp 1-9.
9). Sharma, Mohita G. and Singh, Kashi N. (2010), “A Binomial approach to Spares Management,” PRODUCTIVITY - Journal of NPC.
10). Gangwar, M., K.N. Singh, Sharma S.M. and Mehndiratta P. 2013. Adani Agri Logistics Limited:Blocking the Grain Drain. Ivey Publishing. Ivey Business School at Western Ontario.

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