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Information Technology

Prof. Rakhi Tripathi

PhD, I.I.T., Delhi; MS (Computer Science), Bowie State University (University of Maryland System), USA

Email :
Contact : 011-46485527
Total Years of Experience : 8 Years
Brief description of Experience :

She is an expert in Digital Innovation and technologies. Several research papers on this topic have been published in international journals and magazines. She has worked on the Projects on Cloud computing, Digital innovation and Web analytics and has published her work in journals and books. Prior to FORE, she has worked as a senior project scientist at I.I.T., Delhi on a prestigious project on Computer Networks. She is also the Head of Centre for Digital Innovation at FORE which is responsible for the digital presence of FORE School of Management: Website (SEO, Content, Backend integration), Social Media Analytics (Facebook page, Twitter page and LinkedIn page) and Web analytics. She has been awarded ‘Best Professor in Information Technology Management’ in 2012 by National Education Awards.

Research Interest Areas :

Computer Networks and Business: Cloud computing, Mobile computing; E-government: One-stop portal, Interoperability and Integration; Digital strategy and innovation: Content analysis, Social Media Platforms, Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics

Consulting Interest Areas :

Digital strategy and innovation: Content analysis, Social Media Platforms, Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, E-government

Selected Publications :

1. Tripathi, R. ‘From information to interaction’: Website and social media usage and trends in top Indian higher education institutions. International Journal of Business Information Systems, In Press.

2. Tripathi, R. (2017). Web analytics for each stage of E-government: A study in Indian context. Journal of E-government Studies and Best Practices, Vol. (2017).

3. Tripathi, R. (2016). Unofficial presence of higher education on social media; Good or bad?. Proceedings of 15th IFIP WG 6.11 Conference on e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society, I3E 2016, Swansea, UK, September 13–15, 2016.

4. Tripathi, R. (2016, July). Unofficial education on social media. Governance Today.

5. Tripathi, R. (2015). Towards a mobile Website of In June, W. (Ed.), Mobile electronic commerce: Foundations, development and applications, Taylor and Francis Group, US.

6. Tripathi, R. (2014). Evolution of government portals in India: Mapping over stage models. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 27 (4), 449-474.

7. Tripathi, R. (2013). Effect of organizational factors on interoperability adoption for Indian portals. Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, 7 (3), 285-308.

8. Tripathi, R. (2012). Interoperability adoption for government portals in India. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 25 (2), 98-122.

9. Tripathi, R. (2011). Identifying factors of integration for an interoperable government portal: A study in Indian context. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 7 (1), 64-88.

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