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Prof. Reeta Raina

PhD, Thapar University, Patiala; Post Graduation, M. Phil- Kashmir Univ. Graduation, Jammu University

Email :
Contact : 011-41242480
Total Years of Experience : 32 Years
Brief description of Experience : Prof Raina is a professor who has been teaching, training and doing research for the last 32 years. She has publications majorly in top International refereed journals and her work has been quoted and cited in various international journals. She has a research book to her credit titled “The Constitutive role of Communication in Building Effective Organizations” published by LAMBERT - an International publishing company. She has presented papers in various international conferences and has been the recipient of Best Paper Award and Outstanding Presentations. She is also the recipient of the Best Professor award in HRM by National Education Award sponsored by Headlines Today. Prior to joining FORE School of Management, she worked at MDI, Gurgaon and Thapar Univ. Patiala.
Research Interest Areas : Intercultural Communication; Communication Competence, Interpersonal Comm.; Organizational comm..; social media; work engagement, nonverbal communication, listening skills, so organizational effectiveness etc.
Consulting Interest Areas : Downward and Upward communication, Intra and Interpersonal Comm.; Intercultural Comm; Team building and Leadership Comm.
Selected Publications : 1) Raina, R., Roebuck, D. B.(2016). Exploring cultural influenc on managerial communication in relationship to job satisfaction,organizational commitment, and the employees propensity to leave in the insurance sector in India. International Journal of Business Communication (SAGE Publication), 53(1) 97-130.
2) Priyadarshi, P., & Reeta Rina, R., & Chandra, P. (2014). The mediating effects of work engagement: Testing causality between personal resource, job resource and work related outcomes. International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management ,9 (4), 487-509.
3) Deborah Britt Roebuck, Reginald L.Bell,Reeta Raina ,and Cheng E.(2016).Comparing prerceived listening behavior differences between managers and non-managers living in the USA, India and Malaysia. International Journal of Business Communication, Vol 53(4).485-518.Sage Publication.
4) Reeta raina & Asif Zameer(2016).A study of non-verbal immediacy behaviour from the perspective of Indian cultural context, gender and experience. International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, 13(1). Inderscience Publication.
5) Deborah Britt Roebuck,Reginald, L.Bell; Reeta raina and Cheng Ean.(2015). The effects of home country, gender, and position on listening behaviors. Journal of organizational culture, communication and conflict , 19(2),93-117
6) Raina, R. (2013). Indians’ inter-cultural communication competence as perceived by European expatriate. Indian Journal of Industrial Relation, 49 (2), 342-356.
7) Raina, R. (2010). Timely, continuous & credible communication & perceived organizational effectiveness. Indian Journal of Industrial Relation, 46 (2), 345-359.
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