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FORE School of Management’s part- time PGDM course now in an all new avatar featuring ‘Hot Skills’

FORE School of Management’s part- time PGDM course now in an all new avatar featuring ‘Hot Skills’


After 22 years of being probably the most successful part-time PGDM in the country, FORE School of Management’s Working Managers Group or WMG Programme has undergone a complete metamorphosis. With detailed inputs from the industry and alumni, FORE School of Management’s Part-time PGDM now boasts of USP’s like ‘Most Relevant Curriculum’, ‘Conditional Placement Support’, ‘Super Specialisation’, and Certification for ‘Hot Skills’; over and above its advantage of convenient location and a very convenient timetable.


“We felt this to be an absolute necessity,” explains Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director, FORE School of Management, about the thought behind this entire revamp. “We had to give the WMG Course a complete facelift because of the very different needs of the managers of the knowledge revolution. This programme will not be just about conceptual understanding, or management skills improvement, or networking with fellow executives; but will empower participants with a specialised ‘hot skill’ of their choice. During the 3 years, students can choose from one out of the four certificate courses offered - delivered by the best in the field. They can choose from Certification in Digital Marketing, Certification in SAP, Certification in Six Sigma, and Certification in Training & Development.”


Located in the heart of New Delhi, within 30 minutes driving distance from the IGI airport, and New Delhi Railway station, the FORE campus is well connected by metro and road. Further, a convenient timetable without disruption to the students' professional and personal life, has also made FORE’s part-time PGDM Course a popular choice among professionals. The WMG student attends classes on Thursday and Friday evenings (after work), and Saturday post-lunch. WMG students consistently register the highest attendance.


“Under the brand new WMG structure, students will have access to 5 days of MDP’s,” reveals Dr. Jitendra K. Das.“The choice of MDP is entirely as per individual area of interest. FORE's formidable MDPs are credited for professionalizing management education in India. Our Placement Cell will be arranging for conditional placement support to those students who meet the academic criteria. This makes FORE uniquely placed as the first management institute to include such a framework within its part-time PGDM.”


With admissions to the brand new WMG all set to commence, managers desirous of furthering their professional education with a Post Graduate in Management, will do well to push their case with FORE School of Management. 

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