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Courses in Full time PGDM IB

Programme Structure and Calendar

The PGDM (FMG) and PGDM-International Business (IMG) both are two-year full-time programmes, with three academic terms in each year. In the programmes, the following type of courses are offered:

Core Courses

Core courses are compulsory courses and are offered in First Two terms of the first year from the below mentioned core courses (indicative)-

Human Behavior in Organizations; Optimization Model for Decision Making; Financial Accounting and Analysis; Managerial Communication; Economics and Market (Micro); Economics and Market (Macro); Marketing Management; Introduction to Operations Management; Corporate Responsibility and Governance; Corporate Finance; Written Communication and Analysis; Organization Design and Change; Statistics for Management; Strategy; Information Technology and Systems; Human Resource Management; Business Research Methods; Business Environment and Ethics; Global Business Environment; International Business Management

During the first year, a student will be required to do 14 core courses and 7 Electives.


Elective Courses

Electives are offered from term-3 and in all three terms of the second year. Electives are usually offered in each of the following areas:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • International Business
  • Communication Area
  • Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource
  • Quantitative Techniques  and Operations Management
  • Economic and Business Policy
  • Strategy Management



The student has to take a minimum total 21.5 credits in Electives in PGDM (FMG) from term-3 and in all three terms of the second year

FORE School of Management, New Delhi uses the concept of credit to define the weightage of a course in the curriculum. Courses are listed as one or half credit courses depending on the indicated workload for each course. The norm for one credit course is that it involves about 30 hours of classroom teaching and adequate time outside of the class towards reading, assignments, project work, etc. In line with this, a half credit courses will have a proportionately half the work load. Most of the core and elective courses are one credit courses.


Course Outlines and Pedagogy

Students will be provided with course outlines. Every course outline provided to students will cover the following:

  • Objectives of the course
  • Pedagogy to be adopted
  • Prerequisites if any (in case of elective courses)
  • Restrictions if any (in case of elective courses)
  • Session wise details of topics, required readings, additional readings and assignments
  • Scheme of evaluation and weightages, as well as attendance policy

Core Courses (IMG)

Human Behavior in Organizations

Optimization Model for Decision Making

Financial Accounting and Analysis

Managerial Communication

Economics and Market (Micro)

Economics and Market (Macro)

Marketing Management

Introduction to Operations Management

Corporate Responsibility and Governance

International Business Management

Corporate Finance

Written Communication and Analysis

Organization Design and Change

Statistics for Management


Information Technology and Systems Human Resource Management

Business Research Methods

Business Environment and Ethics

Global Business Environment


Dissertation (Term-4 and Term-5)

International Business Strategy-II




1. Courses listed above/below are indicative and subject to change.

2. Choice of Specialization Area/Electives Courses available to a student will be subject to a) Their meeting merit/eligibility requirement and b) Upper limit imposed on maximum number of students for a particular elective course.

3. CORE and Elective Courses will be listed in the Programme Handbook that will be issued to the admitted students before commencement of the classes.

4. Notwithstanding anything mentioned here or elsewhere, FSM reserves the right to make changes in the courses/electives available at any time.


Indicative List of Electives (IMG)

Elective Courses:

The students of PGDM (IB) (IMG) are required to take 22 credits from the elective courses from term-3 and in all three terms of the second year. For IMG Students, One of the specializations must be in International Business


Consumer Behaviour 

Customer Relationship Management

Sales & Distribution Management

Advanced Marketing Research

Marketing Strategy with Markstrat Software

Advertising and Brand Management

Creativity and Innovation in Marketing

Rural Marketing

B2B Marketing

Services Marketing

Retail Management 


Finance & Accounts

Management of Commercial Banks

Security Research & Portfolio Management

Risk Management and Financial Derivatives

Management of Financial Services 

Project Appraisal and Financing 

Behavioural Finance and Wealth Management 

Business Valuation and Corporate Restructuring

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

Investment Banking

Quantitative Finance


Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource

Competency Mapping

Personal Growth Lab

Training & Development 

Business HR

Negotiation Skills

Performance & Compensation Management 

Team Building and Leadership Development

HR Analytics


Quantitative Techniques and Operations Management

Procurement Management

Project Management

Lean and Agile Systems

Supply Chain Management 

Advance Decision Analysis

Operations Strategy

Decisions Modelling with Spreadsheet

Global Logistics Strategy


Information Technology

Business Development in IT

Data Analytics Using R and SAS

Managing Business on Cloud

Business Transformation

Big Data Analytics for Managers

Digital Innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Predictive Data

Web Analytics


International Business

Business in Asia Pacific

Commercial Geography

Trade and Geopolitics


Strategy Management

New Venture Planning

Strategists Tool Kit and Competitive

Strategic Analysis and Globalisation

Mergers and Acquisitions

Strategy Business Simulation using CESIM


Economics and Business Policy

Effective Pricing

International Trade and Business

Social Performance and Corporate Sustainability


Others-International Immersion Program (IIP)


Strategic Marketing for Global Business

International Finance

Managing Talents: Challenges in Asia's Emerging Market

Supply Chain and Value Creation

Knowledge and Technology Management


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