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19th June 2013

Chief Guest for the inaugural session, former Indian Women’s Cricket Captain, Anjum Chopra, shares how her education at FORE School of Management helped her become a better team player and leader.

When she is at the crease, Anjum Chopra’s style often reminds you of the ‘lazy elegance’ of David Gower. On the 17th of June 2013, though, there was nothing laid back about the former Captain of the Indian Women’s Cricket team, when she was at FORE School of Management. Gracing the dais as the Chief Guest for the inaugural session of the Orientation Programme of the 2013-15 batch, Anjum Chopra - an alumna of FORE School of Management herself – spoke with the quick-witted candour that was her trademark during the pre and post-match shows during IPL 2011.

 “What a relief it is, getting an admission in any of the top business schools!” she said, spelling out the thoughts of the 240 students in the auditorium who have made it to FORE School of Management this year. “You deserve a clap. FORE is probably the best place to understand all about time management and the optimum utilisation of resources. Of course, what you make of yourself is in your hands. You may not be the best in every subject; what you need to identify are the subjects you want to associate with.”

Currently a member of the Indian Women’s Cricket team, Anjum Chopra spoke inspiringly to the wide-eyed youngsters about the importance of chalking one’s own path. A left-hand top-order batsman, Anjum captained India in 2003, but has been in and out of the side since 2007. However, she made a strong comeback in 2012, being reinstated as the Captain at the age of 36.

“First of all, this is not a race to the finish line. Secondly, it’s not that important how you start… it’s important how you finish. The beauty of this race is to enjoy it. Live these two years to the fullest - these are usually the final years of education in the lives of most people. And learn to communicate. In any organisation – from your family to your workplace - you need to be a crystal clear communicator.

Drawing from the sterling example of Anjum Chopra, Dr. J. K. Das, Director, FORE School of Management, underscored the importance that FORE School of Management lays on ‘getting one’s act together’ and ‘coming into one’s own’ during the two years spent in the institution.

“You can create your own style - in the sense that it is your time to learn a lot - and you can afford to make mistakes. Answer to yourself what you are here for…. and this is a question you must ask yourself routinely. At FORE, failing is a task, because you are under the guidance of one of the country’s best faculty pools here. Time is important, and so is experimenting…. experimenting to learn something. Rather ask questions in class, than fear being asked questions and ‘bunk’ the class. You may make a mistake once… twice… thrice. But as long as you keep learning from the mistakes, it is fine. You’ll realise that errors are the most efficient way of doing things. The students must take the initiative in that direction, not the teachers. You have to question the teacher with your perspective and view-points; that’s how you maximise your learning.”

In all, 180 students have been inducted into the FMG-22 programme, and 60 students have made it to the IMG-7 programme of this prestigious B-school, this year. The 10-day orientation programme will be focusing particularly on business in the rural space, as well as knowledge of Indian history, culture and value system.

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