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30th October 2010

Team ANTAR- the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee at FORE School of Management, New Delhi in association with IYCN (Indian Youth Climate Network), and Art of Living conducted Green Plantation Drive “SANRAKSHAN” on Saturday, 30th October 2010. The green drive event was initiated by Prof Vinay Dutta, Chairman-Students Affairs highlighting the challenges such as changing climatic conditions; deforestation etc., to the FORE student volunteers and the active role Indian youth can play in preserving the environment. Over 50 student volunteers participated in the event by planting saplings across more than 25 institutions in Qutab Institutional Area. The event started with planting a sapling by Dr Das, Director, FORE School of Management at FORE premises, followed by teams of volunteers spreading across different institutions like VHAI, IFUNA, ISTE, CSWB etc.,  to plant the saplings and to create awareness about the environmental issues facing the society.  The event also included a brief interaction of FORE student volunteers with the students of MCD Girls School and MCD Boys School. Students of MCD schools took keen interest and pledge in supporting such events. The success of the Green Drive is clearly visible the way MCD school students have taken care of the saplings planted during the GREEN DRIVE 09. Those saplings have now turned into flourishing plants. ANTAR Team at FORE firmly believe that such events, on regular basis create awareness among the masses and would encourage them to come forward and join the movement in saving the planet earth. 


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