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FORE School of Management faculty brainstorm ideas by the day, and exploring Kuala Lumpur by the evening during the occasion of their 4th Overseas Faculty Retreat

8th November 2012, Kuala Lampur

 It is fairly well known that the best of corporate strategies, market coups, and Megabrands are made abroad in annual board meetings. The reasons are numerous - relaxed environment, coming together as a team, being a part of the best of your organisation, and the exotic wares and fares of a foreign land.

Strangely enough, while all B-schools are strong advocates of the charms and positives of Board meetings in far away lands, very few have actually inculcated the practice within themselves. An exception, ofcourse, is the FORE School of Management, one of the top 3 B-schools in the NCR. While most of the top-notch B-schools of India do have a Faculty Development Programme, FORE School of Management is probably the only one that has consistently held its FDP overseas. After Thailand, Dubai and China, FORE School of Management held its fourth overseas FDP recently at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 29th and 30th, 2012.

The programme was jointly designed by FORE School of Management and the School of Management, University Sains of Malaysia, with the aim of having a country specific, interactive exchange between Faculties of the two leading institutionsof their respective countries. The FDP explored issues related to Malaysian transformation agenda, economy, trade and business practices. The participation of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation and the Islamic University of Malaysia made the FDP quite holistic, especially with their inputs on trade and culture.

“Besides inputs on country specific issues, it is important to develop the members of Faculty as a strong team, that will take FORE School of management to greater heights through increased cooperation and inter-disciplinary collaborations,” observed Mr. R.C.Sharma, President, FORE School of Management. “Experiencing international locations firsthand through industry and academic exchange cannot be replaced by any other experience.”

Dr JK Das, Director, FORE School of Management underscored the importance of direct experience of interacting with academics and policy makers through these overseas tours. He mentioned that the subtext of such trips contribute in enhancing the team work at FORE School of Management.

The FDP was divided into 4 sessions – each followed by a lively discussion - spread over two days:

Topic Speaker
Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Agenda Prof. Dato' Dr. Ishak Ismail, Dean, School of Management, University Sains Malaysia
Doing Business in Malaysia : A strategic Viewpoint, the do's and don'ts Prof. Emeritus Dr. Mohamed Sulaiman, Head of Management, International Islamic University Malaysia
Corporate Governance and Ethics : A Malaysian Scenario Prof. Datin Dr. Hasnah Haji Haron, Dean, Graduate School of Business, University Sains Malaysia
Malaysia - India Trade Relations: What Next? Dato ‘ ZakariaKamarudin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation

In all, 26 members of the FORE Faculty, across all departments, participated in this Faculty Retreat. The experience was hardly restricted to academic exchanges, withFORE Faculty members leaving no chance to explore the history and culture in and around Kuala Lumpur.

“On the flight back from KL, a thought flashed through my mind,” said Professor Neeraj Kumar who teaches HRM and Organisational Behaviour at FORE School of Management and was one of the participants in the event. “During this tour to Malaysia, we had come to know each other in a way that would have taken us years. We saw each other, talked to each other, laughed at each other, laughed with each other, and helped each other more than what we could do during our normal work life. I am not sure if other B-Schools have taken measures like these, or spend so much on FDP’s, to enable the members of Faculty gel as a team. It was such a nice feeling to get to know many of my colleagues whom I had hardly met during the whole of the last year…and what better way for the newbies to integrate with the team? This was not just about having fun though. The business end of the programme saw intensely interactive sessions with the Professors of University Sains Malaysia (USM). This has done wonders for me and I am sure for all others too.”

Continuing with the practice, each of the 26 Faculty members of FORE School of Management is to bring out a ‘Working Paper’ on a theme related to his/her area of interest with regards to the Kuala Lumpur FDP. The combined intellectual output from this FDP is likely to be published in the form of a book.

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