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MARK-FIN/OP-HR Conclave 2013

20th March 2013

The FORE Alumni Network (FAN) Team at FORE School of Management organized the annual event of MARK-FIN/OP-HR ‘2013 on 11th March 2013. As a part of the event, distinguished alumni from various fields- Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR were invited to mentor and guide the students to help them get clarity of roles from a real world perspective. The event mainly focused on helping the students to analyze their capabilities and suitability to a particular specialization.



The value of a good mentor is immeasurable when it comes to learning the tricks of the trade. There is no better mentor than a person who has faced a similar situation in the past and is able to help you through difficult times and decisions. And therefore, the FAN Team invited esteemed alumni of FORE School of Management to enlighten the first year students about every specialization, its potential, growth path and variety of roles. Among the expert speakers from various domains was Ms. Deeksha Gupta Manager (BU Head) at Risk Management Solutions (RMS India) from a Finance background, an expert in Property and Casualty Insurance.



Ms. Haneet Vohra (an alumnus of 1993-1995 batch) presently Director-Marketing at KSB Designs having a specialization in International Marketing helped the students understand the pros and cons associated with the Marketing Field. Another prominent speaker was Ms. Jaya Singh, Associate Director LEAD Search having varied experiences in marketing and HR fields. The final speaker for the day was Mr. Anirvan Roy, Head of Operations at Translational India who by his friendly ways was able to guide the students into the insights of the operations field.


“Some people like dreaming, some like to live in reality and there are some who like to convert one to another”. With this quote Ms. Haneet Vohra encouraged the students and gave insights of various fields like students who have numeric abilities and can fight with figures are made for Finance , students who have an inclination towards machines, planning, strategy and who believe in zero level inaccuracy are made for Operations, students who can manage other people by having good communications skills and who can soak themselves in organization psyche are good for HR and finally students who believe in having a dynamic and challenging career and who are enthusiastic for having high results are Marketing people. She also shared the career options in marketing area: Product Development, Media, Research, Sales, and Advertising etc.


Ms Jaya Singh (an alumnus of 1993-95 batch) through her dynamic path of reaching the top of success ladder greatly influenced students. She inspired students to crystallize their aims and focus. Her references of jobs at different brands like sales and marketing at Pepsi, Direct marketing at Avon, strategy and consumer insights at Hindustan Times and presently consultancy gave students holistic and exact view of future jobs and opportunities.


Ms Deeksha Gupta ( an alumnus of 2002-04 batch) advised students to take an informed decision about their career path and told the students about importance of studying all the subjects in first year. Her experience at present job of Predictive Analysis reflected that future can be unpredictable as new fields and types of jobs are increasing, thus students should be ready for any type of challenging career.


Finally Mr. Anirvan Roy (an alumnus of 1992-1994) batch shared his knowledge about changing trends, increased customer knowledge and encouraged students to aim for job which can give them job satisfaction rather than aiming for just good salaries. He gave an insight into the practical difficulties faced by the students in college and about managing the hectic routine. He highlighted the key roles in the operations fields and shared some real life experiences with the students. This was followed by a round of questions from the students.


In any field, having a professional mentor can help individuals develop and advance their careers. Thus, the event was a great success and the experiences and journey to success of all the speakers greatly helped students in analyzing and gave enough insights so that they can decide and take an informed decision about the area of specialization.

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