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Rendezvous 2013 - The art of Inspiring... and being Inspired

25th December 2013

New Delhi, 6th December, 2013:  Rendezvous at FORE School of Management is a special event where, each year, a selected set of alumni are invited to campus to interact with students. And it is highly awaited by students and faculty both. Students get a chance to listen to experiences of their illustrious alumni, interact with them and get inspired. For the four chosen alumni on the dais, this is a special homecoming… after all, accolades of the world do pale in front of recognition by one’s own alma mater and the opportunity to share their experiences with the students.


Rendezvous 2013 had the rare disctinction of having on the podium 2 alumni from the founding batch (1992-94). As the alumni achievers walked to take their place on the podium, a packed Virajam (the famed auditorium at FORE) erupted into a spontaneous applause. All the 4 distinguished alumni began by reminiscing their days at FORE but like thorough professionals, quickly shifted the focus to the job at hand. 



Ashit Ranjan, FMG-1 (1992-94) was the first to take to the podium, speaking at length about on-the-job learning. Currently Vice President– HR at Tecnova India Pvt. Ltd., Ashit drew inferences from his own professional life, relating how he was asked to sit by the security gate to observe daily activities and learn the security arrangements in his office. His light humour, and calm and composed demeanour connected well with the audience.

The next speaker, also from the same batch and with an equally impressive corporate career was Rohit Wadhwa, VP- Advisory Services, Private Banking Division, Royal Bank of Scotland. Speaking about numerous instances from his 19 years of work experience, his interaction dwelt on the importance of pursuing knowledge all through one's life. He vivdly recalled, the names of all the professors who had taught him at FORE and how their teachings translated well in his professional life.

"One must create an environment of a win-win situation for both the internal as well as external customer and try to attain the company's goals,” he advised the budding managers from FORE. “Attention to detail is an essential component in every aspect of work."

Shantanu Saha, FMG-2 (1993-95), CEO, The Reruiter, was the next speaker. Even as he went about casually speaking how different the institute was during his time, his charisma and oratorical skills shone through. Addressing a rapt audience, Shantanu Saha, pulled out a number of anecdotes from his lustrous career, underscoring the importance of being conscious – and therefore being prepared - of evaluation, right from Day 1 of one's job.

"Hard work is obviously essential in the work environment”, said Shantanu, while speaking about being prepared for surpises at workplace. “Along with it, a sense of grounding will serve the future managers well. Humility takes one to greater heights."

The only lady panelist for the day, Renu Misra, FMG-3 (1994-96) and Head of Finance, Grohe India Pvt. Ltd., reminded the youngsters of the increasing importance of sticking to one's value system. Drawing from her own experience, she said that MBA’s must be open to experimentation in their careers. Renu Sharma urged students to be flexible in terms of work location preference in the early stages of one's career.
"In today's times, the next generation of business managers are expected to have a lot of patience and a sense of balance between work and personal life. It is also important to ensure that men and women are treated alike. Virtue is the key."

The Q&A session was quite the affair it always is. The CEOs and Vice Presidents were quizzed on a number of issues by the young gathering. The enduring applause during the felicitation of the alumni speakers was not unexpected. More than anything else Rendezvous 2013 reaffirmed amongst the students of FORE School of Management, the sense of being a part of a special group of immensely successful people. It also reminded them of the responsibility of taking this legacy forward.


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