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16th May 2014

                                              A compiled report by the team who went to ESC Rennes, France
Many professors and alumni agree that a student exchange programme is a fantastic opportunity for any student. The experience of living abroad and being independent is a tremendous learning experience. Rennes is a nice and safe city to live in. The education system was very different and challenged us to be more detailed and creative about strategy or marketing plans that we propose for different problems. Since France is a French speaking country, learning French and using it in our daily interactions helped us to better understand people. Also, access to other European countries helped us to learn about things that were totally new for us, whether in terms of currency exchange, language differences or the country system/law. The experience of travelling and seeing many European countries was exhilarating. It was only possible due to the flexible timetable at ESC.

We took a number of courses at ESC Rennes, ranging from Finance courses like Financial Engineering and Trading, to Marketing and HR courses like Digital Advertising Strategy, Consumer Behavior and Team Development. Also, some students took French Language and Culture courses that opened up their knowledge about different cultural and social structures. Most of us enjoyed the teaching procedure and practicality involved in these courses, while some other courses were too theoretical. The orientation and seminar were very interesting, and many of the academic issues we had were effectively managed by both FORE and ESC; hence, we did not have worry too much about these issues.

The School had a Student Body dedicated to solve the queries of International students, ranging from small issues to larger, important issues. The “WellCome Team”, as they were called, organized various events and outdoor trips to help us adapt and enjoy the stay. The International Relations Office was also very prompt in discussing important academic and non-academic issues. They also helped us with our accommodation and travel.

The few negative points of our stay might be that most of the people outside the school only spoke French; also, some courses like Human Resources were quite monotonous, and many students felt that the courses did not provide the opportunity for an advanced learning experience. In the future, the school should give students better accommodation options, as we were given limited options only. One final aspect was that the flexibility in the schedule led to large gaps between classes, which, at times, could result in boredom. Overall, the experience at ESC Rennes was absolutely amazing. We learned a lot of important things about the business world that will help us become better managers in the future. This has helped us to develop a different thought process and gain international exposure, both of which will be very helpful to us in our future endeavours. We thank FORE School of Management, ESC Rennes and Dr. Mohit Anand for all the help they gave us in the last few months.

Compiled by Pulkit Bhardwaj on behalf of Arjun Sarin, Devina Jain, Gaurav Tiwari, Gitansh Ahuja, Naman Jain, Puneesh Sachdeva, Saloni Mohan, Shivangi Anupriya, Vagesha Sinha and Vikalp Mehta.

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