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The Entrepreneurial Journey of FOREpreneurs takes to the stage to inspire students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams

1st September 2014

FORE School of Management, New Delhi recently organized a seminar on The Entrepreneurial Journey to bring out the awareness of entrepreneurship and widen the horizon for the first year students of PGDM & PGDM (IB) batch .This event held on 30th July, 2014 brought together four successful alumni who today are the most renowned Entrepreneurs. They shared their secrets on their entrepreneurial endeavours, right from the scratch from where they had started and took everyone through their incredible journey to where they are now.

The Institute has always strived to educate and create gifted management professionals and entrepreneurs who play the role of job makers in society. Present on the day for the seminar titled “An entrepreneurial journey of FOREpreneurs” were four impressive examples of the institute’s success: Mr. Nikhil Nanda, Managing Director & CEO, JHS-Svendgaard Lab Ltd.; Mr. Sanjeev Bajaj, Founder & MD, Bajaj Capital; Ms. Anu Pachisia from the Fashion industry; and Mr. Sanjay Sarma, Co-founder and CEO, Design Worldwide. The seminar was chaired by Dr. Anita Lal, Professor- In Charge, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, FORE. She introduced the alumni to the gathering, and ensured that the session was interactive and engaging.
Mr. Bajaj, MD of ‘Bajaj Capital’ is a FOREpreneur with business family background studied finance. Given his background rooted in the world of business, he had to regularly convince others about his commitment. However, he says, things soon changed: “I realized my importance when I noticed that people were listening to me. It was at that point that I understood that self-belief was integral to success.” After making a name for himself in the financial sector, he reflects on one of the most important lessons that he learned: “It is in your blood whether you want to work for someone or work for yourself.”

Not all entrepreneurs immediately strike gold – as a result, their mettle is often tested. That’s just what Ms. Pachisia proved when her garment import business suffered a setback about a decade ago. But the founder of ‘Silver Star’ saw a silver lining in the jewellery business. From then on, there was no looking back, as the new business started scaling newer heights of success. Drawing from her own experiences, she said, “Firstly, as an entrepreneur you should be willing to fight against the odds; and secondly, a setback can lead to an opportunity, if you are open to it.” Today, she is a great example of a successful woman who has managed the balance between her personal and professional lives. In her talk, she also touched upon the topic of female empowerment by saying, “My academic and social background wasn’t very supportive of the turmoil of entrepreneurship. But I wasn’t ready to give up on my dreams.”

. Whereas, for Mr. Sarma it was the learning’s of 15 years of work experience which prompted him to start up ‘Design Worldwide’.. Focussing on another important aspect of entrepreneurship, networking, Mr. Sarma says, “I worked in Brand Management before setting off on the path of entrepreneurship. My job profile afforded me an opportunity to network and brought me in close proximity with people who were entrepreneurs themselves.” This influence definitely had an effect as he made great strides in his venture within a short span of time. He then shared several crucial points with the students on how to give one’s best in the world of entrepreneurship.

Last but not the least FOREpreneur to speak at the seminar was Mr. Nanda of ‘Svendgaard Labs’, a dedicated alumnus who has continuously provided valuable advice to the budding entrepreneurs of tomorrow. He started his talk by saying, “To become a successful entrepreneur you have to give ten years of your life, at least. You need to work hard for these ten years and never be shy about taking risks. If you play it safe, you will never grow. There will be lows, but you shouldn’t get disheartened by them. It is better to cry in a Mercedes than cry alone.”

The event came to an end with a rapid round of question s from the faculty in Charge to the entrepreneurs followed by an interesting Q& A session from the students. At the end Prof. Lal proposed the vote of thanks by summing up the highlights of the seminar and acknowledging every FOREpreneur with a token of gratitude. The seminar on Entrepreneurship for the first year students was truly an informative and enriching experience for the students, who were left with a parting shot from each speaker- If Mr. Nanda, urged them to “start their entrepreneurial journey right after college: Then Mr. Sarma advised the students to “Stay curious to learn more;” while Mr. Bajaj persuaded them to “Have a belief in whatever they do.”; Ms. Pachisia convinced the students to, “Always stay honest to their work.”

Besides the final words that left an indelible impression, there were several important takeaways for the students, notably the valuable advice that students will need to realize their own entrepreneurial success stories. Student Ishana Singh, FMG, pointed out, “This session has completely inspired me. I didn’t think I had an entrepreneurial bent of mind; it’s something that I was apprehensive about. But now I’m motivated to see it as an option that’s completely worth the risk.” Not only was the event an opportunity for education, it was, maybe more importantly, an opportunity to be inspired. For students who dream of creating a successful business, The Entrepreneurial Journey of FOREpreneurs was an opportunity to not only appreciate the accomplishments of some of the most renowned FORE alumni in India but also to foresee what their future could be like with two years of hard work and dedication at FORE School of Management, New Delhi.

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