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Anubhuti Session organized by CID had Mr. Debabrata Roy, Ex CEO, Reliance Communication and Mr. Mandeep Singh, Director, Brandtone delivered a talk on “Mobile Marketing”

1st July 2015

- Devyani Jain,
FMG, Class of 2015,
FORE School of Management, New Delhi

Corporate Interaction Division (CID) of FORE School of Management, New Delhi recently organized its first Anubhuti session for academic session 2015- 2016. CID committee is a student club that tries to build a strong bond between them and the corporate world. These interactive sessions are a huge source of knowledge for students as they interact with business big wigs over the academic year. The first session for FMG 24 and IMG 9 batches was no different as Mr. Debabrata Roy, Ex CEO, Reliance Communication and Mr. Mandeep Singh, Director, Brandtone were the guest speakers and their presence drew the students to the venue in large numbers.

Mr. Singh has managed the operations of several big brands including Amul, Dhara, Duncans, Kodak while Brandtone has an International presence in over 12 countries. He shared his experiences working with big names like these and said, “Working with D.Lights was most interesting and challenging but launching Amul ice creams remains closest to my heart. You have to remember that there are 920 million consumers in the country and over 720 million unique connections. Hence the best way to reach them is through the medium of Mobile.” He thus revealed the secret of effective marketing in today’s time.

To keep things relatable for students, Mr. Singh dwelled on the real world corporate examples that made things more interesting. He talked about the Sunlight detergent case to further emphasize the importance of Mobile Marketing when he said, “It’s all about delivering the right message to the relevant audience. Mobile marketing is about creating connections with your consumers, understanding and managing them so that you can strengthen the relationships with them.” He then explained the effectiveness of Ambush marketing, employed by Brandtone, which ensures that consumers reach out to them rather than it being the other way round.

The session turned interactive as students asked him questions about the security of databases collected through this model and Mr. Singh made sure that he answered them to their satisfaction. He finally talked about the challenges his company was faced with when it came to Sunlight detergents as he left the students with an important message. “It’s all about sharing ideas, if you have the knowledge, disseminate it and stay grounded. You also need to gain practical knowledge by reading newspapers etc and stay on top of things,” he concluded. Thus the session turned out to be inspiring as well as enlightening to the gathering.


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