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Industry expert and alumnus- Ms. Anjali Joneja Amar, Director, Engagement Practices, TV and Media Business at Ericsson interacts with the students, offering insight into Telecom industry

21st July 2015

Corporate Interaction Division of FORE School of Management recently hosted a Corporate Interaction session with the leading lights of the telecom industry for the benefit of students. The CID committee organizes similar events at the institute on a regular basis that turn out to be an important value addition for the students. This particular session also offered them an insight into the Telecom industry, bustling with opportunities for future managers. As the experts shared their experiences, students had important take aways through the highly enriching session.

One of the big names the event had drawn was of Anjali Joneja Amar, Director, Engagement Practices, TV and Media Business, Ericsson for whom it was a homecoming of sorts. After all she is an alumnus of the renowned B-School from the 1996 batch. Since then she has had a prolific career of over 18 years in Marketing and Sales, working with top brands including IBM and Compaq. Her presence was inspiring for the students at the event as they, especially women candidates, felt encouraged to make their presence felt in a male dominated industry.

Ms. Joneja shed light on the latest developments in the Telecom industry, which has evolved to a great extent in recent years. She talked about the major trends in the sector when she said, “We are talking about Data growth, convergence of data and voice. Lots of new innovations are taking place in data space with same amount of bandwidth carrying a huge amount of data. There is constantly going to be upcoming technology but Innovation is the only way to make it all useful.” She thus struck a chord with students with dream of future careers in their eyes.

As someone who has been in their shoes, Ms. Joneja had helpful advice for the students as she asked them to broaden their horizons. She also stressed on the importance of industry visits to offer students practical exposure. Finally she touched upon the topic of finding her niche as a woman in the industry. “When I joined the corporate world I was told that there will be certain barriers but I made my place with sheer hard work. I believe women are more productive and should use their skills to their advantage,” she said inspiringly.

Mr. Umang Jindal, Head New Business Area and S/w Sales, Ericsson has over 16 years of experience in Mobile and Backhaul networks, including 11 with his present employers. That was a glorious example of loyalty in the corporate world and he talked about the special relationship. “It is an institute for me. It is a platform where we can get anything. It is amongst the top 10 players and lot has changed with the technology because of the demand. Every quarter there is new technology coming in, which is exciting for professionals,” he said enthusiastically.


Mr. Jindal serves as an inspiration for all future professionals, especially those with engineering backgrounds who aim for corporate careers. By delving into his own experiences he tried to motivate students to follow their dreams. “I worked on several projects as a technical professional. But moving from on-stream to another, adds spice to life. In today’s competitive world how we position the business model makes the difference. Open mindedness, innovation and sustainability are the qualities you need to succeed” he finally shared his secret for success.

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