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Aadhar Garg of the Class of 2016 shares his experience getting placed with Asian Paints

10th December 2015, New Delhi

Aadhar Garg of the Class of 2016 shares his experience getting placed with Asian Paints

Sailing through the Interview

Placement season is in full swing and students are gearing up for the grand finale of their MBA journey. So far, more than 60 percent of the batch has already been placed with organizations like HUL, Asian Paints, Deloitte, PWC, KPMG, among others. The estimated number of companies visiting the campus this year is expected to go well beyond 100.

Strong placement trends notwithstanding, there is no substitute for strong preparation in improving the odds of a successful placement. While brushing up on academic knowledge gained over the last 2 years is no doubt helpful, some practical tips on ‘acing’ the interview are always welcome.

Aadhar Garg of the Class of 2016 shares some of his interview preparation experience for the benefit of fellow students.

- How did you go about cracking the interview with Asian Paints? 
Confidence is the key and the most critical aspect of confidence is good communication skills. Apart from that, I brushed up on basic marketing concepts from Kotler, thoroughly read the JD, and researched the company, its operations and facts about the Indian paint industry. My internship experience also helped me a lot in the question and answer part of the interview. It is also vital to know every point on your resume inside and out, and you should be able to justify everything found in it. 

- How do you think the learning at FORE has prepared you for the job?
The faculty at FORE is well-experienced and offers practical knowledge to the students through case studies, group projects, and role plays. Learning at FORE gave me good industry exposure, and class presentations and group projects made me more outspoken and a team player. Also, being a member of Student Council helped me enhance my personality. 

- What would be your advice to students who wish to follow the same path and work in a similar company/profile?
Read about the company and its operations beforehand. Focus more on the application part of any sales and marketing concept taught in the classes and come up with new and creative ideas of implementation. And, most importantly, be confident and sure of yourself.
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