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Team Swachh Plastic wins Business Plan competitions one after the other.

30th March 2016

Have you heard of  ‘Biodegradable Plastic’….?!


Yes…Team Swachh Plastics’ whole idea of business is to provide a range of biodegradable plastic products for both industrial & household consumptionby  manufacturing it indigenously!

Now isn’t it in sync with our Prime Minister’s mission of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan  and Make in India campaign….


In fact the idea at its core is inspired by a willingness to change people’s opinion about plastics, as being only a cause of environment degradation. The team wants to take this revolutionary concept of biodegradable plastic  or bio-plastics which can biodegrade easily and thus have minimal environment impact. The growing utilization of plastics in industrial and consumer applications combined with increased consumer awareness has led to an increased demand for bio- plastic products. The biodegradable polymers could be an alternative to the conventional plastic materials. These polymers being biodegradable can be disposed in safe and ecologically sound manner, through disposal processes like composting, soil application and biological waste water treatment.


The business plan of Swachh Plastic has been developed by the first year students of FORE School of Management- Rahul Gupta, Pranay Thakur, KunjGudhka and Pooja Agarwal. The team’s entrepreneurial mind set got activated in the true sense not when the idea came to their minds but when they actually got to put their thoughts into action during the workshop on Business Idea To Business Plan  organized  by Prof. (Dr.) Anita Tripathy  Lal, Prof-In-Charge  Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) FORE.


The team was later motivated by the Intra College B-Plan competition, “Concoct”, held in the Institute on Nov 04, 2016, where  the team ‘Swachh Plastic’ came as winners. The B-Plan competition in reality  helped the team members to shape their Plan as  per the feedback from the judges. The Jury  comprised of an Investor, Entrepreneur and a Faculty Member. Based on the  suggestionsfrom the experts, the team modified their plan and began participating in Inter College B-Plan Competitions 


The first competition outside college was “Bizooka 2.0” held at Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), Pune during December 23-24, 2015. Out of the 80 teams that had applied 8 were called for the final on-campus rounds. After a rigorous two days of presentations and answering questions from an expert panel of judges, the team Swachh Plastic stood second. Incorporating the learnings from their experience at SIIB and refining the idea further they went into the next B-Plan competition “Next Big Venture” at IMT Ghaziabad held on January 16, 2016. In the final on-campus round Team Swachh Plastic was adjudged at first place amongst the  16 invited teams which included IMI Delhi, IIT Delhi, IMT Ghaziabad and Bits Pilani.


Participation in these various B-Plan competitions has not just been about securing a position. The knowledge and the learnings from these events have been immense. The experience of  developing ‘Ideas into a  Business Plan’ and improving the plan further after every competition and feedback has been worth every bit, as it has been enriching and rewarding for all the team members.                


As Foreians’ we are extremely grateful to our Institute FORE School of Management and thankful to the team of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development for giving us a wonderful opportunity - The idea that once was a seed, has now grown into a beautiful plant. Hopefully someday, it will be an oak, mightier, majestic and standing the test of times.


                                                                                                           -TEAM SWACHH PLASTIC

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