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Marketing Conclave hosted by FORE School of Management, New Delhi offers students insight into corporate challenges and the latest in the field.

2nd February 2017, Marketing Conclave hosted by FORE School of Management, New Delhi offers students insight into corporate challenges and the latest in the field.

Ignite ‘17, the Marketing Conclave at FORE School of Management, New Delhi, lived up to its name and expectations as it ignited a passion for the field amongst aspirants and offered them insight into corporate functioning. Held on the 20th of January, the conclave was organized by the Corporate Interaction Division of the B-School and brought together renowned names from the industry on one platform, creating an invaluable knowledge resource for students to dip into.


To help participants keep abreast with the latest in the field, the conclave was divided into two sessions that delved into industry relevant topics. ‘Customer Experience in the 21st century’ was the theme of the first session and its panel included leading names like Mr. Devanshu Bhatia, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer, Digital (TV shopping & e Commerce), India Today Group, Ms. Archana Sinha, Geo Marketing Director, Dassault Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Avinash Joshi, Social and Digital Transformation Lead, Reliance Jio, Nitin Bahl, Senior Vice President - Marketing & Head - Corporate Account Management, JLL, Rajeev Soni, Lead Consultant, Product Management & Digital Marketing, European Union Delegation to India & South Asia.


Amongst the illustrious names was Mr. Sandeep Puri, Head of Global Marketing, National Engineering Industries Ltd., who is a FORE School of Management alum. His presence had already inspired the students of the B-School and the engaging discussion only added excitement. Mr. Devanshu Bhatia set the ball rolling by stressing the importance of quality customer service and delivering an experience, which becomes the hallmark of a brand.


According to Ms. Archana Sinha, it’s important to connect with customers emotionally. “Customers drive the business,” she said. “The company must recognize where the customer is coming from and work towards understanding and meeting his or her innate needs.” Mr. Avinash Joshi shared the experience of working with Reliance Jio, the marketing strategies involved and how word of mouth publicity was a game-changer for the brand. “A customer purchases a product only when he believes in what the company believes in,” he added.


Mr. Sandeep Puri brought his 16 years of experience to the table while offering insight into customer loyalty. His advice focused on the benefits of customer retention: “Negative publicity spreads faster than positive words. The bitter reality is that by increasing the retention of customers by 2%, you can increase your savings by 10 %.” Mr. Nitin Bahl believes that the biggest challenge is to understand the customer. “When the customer becomes selective in their choices, it becomes important for the service provider to engage the customers and try to acquire them,” he stated.


The crucial concept of customer centricity was at the heart of the talk by Mr. Rajeev Soni. He made his argument by citing the relatable example of Maggi and emphasized the most important point. “Customer centricity means just one thing: empathy,” he declared to a round of applause from the audience. With the first session of the conclave leading to such invigorating discussions, a lot was expected from the second session. It surely didn’t disappoint.


‘Data, information, content and knowledge: From input to insight, action and value’ was the theme for the second session with Dr. Sumeet Kad, Global Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM, and Mr. Gaurav Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer, GirnarSoft. Dr. Sumeet Kad talked about organizational woes, including increased customer engagement and behavior. He also offered solutions by describing how analytics can help overcome these obstacles.


Mr. Gaurav Mehta finally made a point about data ecosystems and helped the audience understand its relevance with the help of Yahoo. He also had vital advice for participants when he said, “The more you know how to ask the right questions, the better off you will be.” Students seemed to have taken the cue from the final speaker of the conclave, which ended with an interactive Q & A session that made it a truly fruitful and enriching exercise for all participants.

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