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FORE School of Management, New Delhi and Strategic CSR Alliance (National CSR Network) sign Memorandum of Understanding

16th November 2017, FORE School of Management, New Delhi and Strategic CSR Alliance (National CSR Network) sign Memorandum of Understanding

FORE School of Management, New Delhi signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Strategic CSR Alliance (National CSR Network) at the first Skills CSR Conclave at SCOPE Complex in New Delhi on 10 November. The signing of the MoU was one of the highlights of the Conclave, which was attended by well-known names from the industry and social sector.


The MoU is meant for collaborative research, executive education programmes, publications, and exchange of resources for research projects in the areas of CSR, Sustainability, and Skill Development. FORE has always worked vigorously to create socially responsible leaders and get involved in CSR activities, and this agreement will further cement the bond between two reputed organizations focused on social goals. Signed by Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director, FORE School of Management, and Mr. Navin Bhatia, Member, Strategic CSR Alliance (National CSR Network), this MOU will provide impetus to the research activities at FORE besides providing a platform for research cooperation between the two institutions. Professor Shallini Taneja, Professor-in-Charge, CSD, FORE School of Management, was present on this occasion.


As a distinguished speaker at the Conclave, Dr. Das talked about his experience of Social Impact Awareness (SIA) and reflected on the history of SIA, which gained ground in India in 1985 after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. He said, “When you don't have quantitative data, how do you measure the impact of CSR activity? Academicians took up this task and came up with methodologies and approaches to tackle the issue. Now there are some standard methods for SIA.” Making an inspiring presentation, he shared details of different steps of SIA.


Talking about success / failure analysis, Dr. Das claimed that it can be divided into economic cost-benefit analysis, social cost-benefit analysis, and psychological benefit perception analysis. He also laid down the pattern of assessment steps: profiling, projection, assessing, evaluation, mitigation, monitoring, and management. He then offered examples to enable the audience to easily relate to the steps.


For anyone interested in taking up these projects, Dr. Das highlighted the importance of Social Return on Investment (SROI). From the basics to practical steps to calculate SROI, the talk was peppered with detailed and interesting information. What are the different elements and steps of a Skill Improvement Project? The objectives, specific aim, and overall aim were the other topics discussed in the segment.


The talk delivered by Dr. Das offered insightful practical solutions for researchers and academicians. He explained the Instruments and different Data Gathering Methods for their benefit. Discussing Social Impact Assessment of planned interventions, he also focused on the different steps of the process.


Alongside the signing of the crucial MoU which will bring in wide-ranging benefits, the Conclave witnessed the enriching talk by Dr. Jitendra K. Das connecting with all sections of the audience.

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