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Genesis 2017 works its magic with more student participation and higher sponsorship

24th November 2017, Genesis 2017 works its magic with more student participation and higher sponsorship

On 17 and 18 November, FORE School of Management, New Delhi hosted its annual college fest ‘Genesis’ with characteristic style and verve. One of the most popular college events, the fest brought together over 1280 students from more than 46 management institutes from across the country. Competing in popular events like Kurukshetra, Corporate Buddha, and Argumentative Indian, the participants displayed easy camaraderie with peers and contemporaries. Mission accomplished for the two-day event!


The theme of Genesis 2017 – ‘Nerd is the New Cool’ – brought an extra dose of dash and flash to the events. Organizers had done their best to ensure participants from different colleges felt welcomed on campus. Held in the presence of Executive Members of the Board, the inauguration ceremony took on a festive look and feel. Professor Basant K. Potnuru started the proceedings by sharing that the event had received more sponsorships compared to last year and the total funding for the event has increased by 70 percent. The fest is growing in stature and magnitude year on year.


Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director, FORE School of Management shared in his speech that Genesis is all about presenting the quintessential of FORE. The fest tries to capture the vision and values of the B-School through activities that bring together young minds with diverse knowledge and skill sets. While there has been positive response from corporates, the number of participants from other institutes has also gone up. Later Dr. B.B.L. Madhukar, Vice President and Mr. R.C. Sharma, President of FORE inspired and motivated the participants through their speeches.


Genesis kicked off on a high note. Both ‘Argumentative Indian’ (the debate competition) and ‘Kurukshetra’ (where knowledge in different domains is tested) were huge hits. In the event named ‘Corporate Buddha’, the participants analysed various economic, financial, and market scenarios. On Day 1, other events like ‘TechnoSlides’ (on presentation), ‘War Room’ (simulation games), ‘Back Flush’, ‘Markathon’, and ‘Videosis’ challenged future managers to display innovative thinking and hands-on skills. A good mix of events with challenging events and entertainment marked the day’s activities. ‘Jagrukta’ – Nukkad Natak spread awareness, while ‘Baczar’ recreated a fun and liveliness in the market area. EDM night, performed by DJ TerraZak, ensured the first day’s proceedings reached a crescendo.


The participants maintained high spirits on Day 2. ‘Concoct’ (business plan competition) and ‘Vyamaham’ (a case study cum debate competition) had students putting their best foot forward to win honours and accolades for their colleges and institutes. ‘Wolf of Comic Street’, ‘Dumb and Dumber’ charades, ‘Movers and Shakers’ (checkers game), ‘Step-up’ (dance competition), ‘Pratibimb’ (face painting competition), and ‘Tasveer’ (where students shared photo entries on the theme ‘City Lights’) were some of the other exciting events. Through the event ‘Prerna’, the future leaders also learned about Corporate Social Responsibility. Star Night with popular band ‘Nasha’ got the audience to groove to the sound of music and brought the two-day fest to a close.


Offering a unique platform to compete with peers and to connect and make friends, Genesis was all about melding fun and learning, recreation and execution. 

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