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Seasoned professional and recruiter Mr. Rajan Bedi offers practical career advice to students

7th December 2017, Seasoned professional and recruiter Mr. Rajan Bedi offers practical career advice to students

Seasoned professional and recruiter Mr. Rajan Bedi offers practical career advice to students


Mr. Rajan Bedi, Global Head, Presales, Engineering Services (ERS) business line at HCL Technologies recently visited FORE School of Management, New Delhi. The much-awarded professional, with 26 years of industry experience, was at the B-School for recruitment. While at the campus, he also offered guidance to students on making the best possible impression during placements and early stages of their career. From desired attributes in future managers to industry expectations and career opportunities, he had valuable advice for students. Some excerpts from the interaction.


Right focus for new graduates


Working with several top names in his long career, Mr. Bedi has consistently climbed the success ladder. Having witnessed good and bad times in the industry, he shared what students ready for graduation need to focus on to impress recruiters: “In your second year you should focus on your outer strengths like the domain you come from, the area of specialization you want to pursue, the internship project, etc. The next aspect is figuring out your passion: sales, marketing, working in a technology firm, and so on. This will provide you the right drive.”


What does industry want?


In his long career, Mr. Bedi has seen the industry evolve and new management graduates adapting to keep up with the changes. As a recruiter he offered firsthand insight into what the industry expects from future managers: “Of course, your passion and attitude is important and will be considered an asset. But your domain knowledge is also crucial. It’s something you have worked on and gained experience in. When you are able to align the two, then you bring more value to the company and role you are in.”


Growing scope for freshers


What happens when your domain and internship experience don’t match? First, try to choose vectors from two domains and link them. Second, don’t highlight the internship experience during placements. Mr. Bedi’s talk was peppered with such useful tips and advice. He said, “Many companies don’t want people with experience; there being a fresher is an advantage. Your grades, communication skills, team-working abilities, passion and attitude, and the extracurricular activities you have pursued will give you the edge. There are many such opportunities for freshers.”


B-School advantage for management aspirants


Mr. Bedi believes B-Schools in the country are doing everything possible to create industry-ready professionals. He highlights the importance of live projects, which give students relevant exposure and also creates opportunities for them to interact with professionals. Talking of alumni network, he observed, “How B-Schools leverage their alumni network is also crucial. A good alumni network program which leads to industry lectures can add value to the B-School’s brand. If the alumni base is strong, then it offers many advantages and reflects well on the B-School.”

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