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October at FORE features six more MDPs

Six MDPs in the areas of Foreign Exchange Risk Management; Effective Communication and Presentation Skills; Effective Supply Chain Management; Understanding B2B Strategies; Selection & Interviewing Skills; Psychometric Testing & Applications are on the October Agenda at FORE School of Management.

Kicking off the month will be a two-day session on “Foreign Exchange Risk Management” from October 3rd & 4th under the direction of Prof. Himanshu Joshi. This Programme is designed to understand the functioning of Spot and Forward FX market in India, to identify and measure FX exposure to firm’s revenues, operating cash flows and equity and to identify and apply suitable hedging strategy to manage  FX risk using operational hedging, foreign currency debt, forward contracts, currency options and currency swaps.

The next MDP on “Effective Communication and Presentation Skills”, will be under the direction of Prof. Anita Tripathy Lal, scheduled to run from October 7th & 9th. This MDP is designed in a systematic manner to proceed from basic to advanced strategies and skills required by managers.  The programme provides insights through real-life experiences, case studies, interactive discussions, inspiring films, and simulation exercises.  Individualized coaching and feedback is offered through worksheets, checklists, and exercises. 

The MDP on “Effective Supply Chain Management” is slated for October 16th and 18th under the direction of Prof. Upendra Kachru, Prof. Mohita G. Sharma & Prof. Vikas Chandra.  FORE has specially designed this three-days programme to help the decision makers understand the strategic importance of supply chain and appreciate the immense potential offered by it to boost organizational profitability.  

October 21st to 23rd will see a session on “Understanding B2B Strategies (with INDUSTRAT Simulation Software)” headed by Prof. Asif Zameer. A Three-day “high energy” programme to highlight the right knowledge about the unique challenges which are faced in marketing of high value services to business customers.  A major highlight of this MDP is the exposure of INDUSTRAT Simulation Software to the participants who can then use it in their organizations.

“Selection & Interviewing Skills” is on the cards for October 24th & 25th, 2013, under the direction of Prof. Neeraj Kumar and Prof. Reeta Raina. This MDP is designed to provide opportunity to professionals engaged in search for human resource to examine their own approach to interviewing and acquire contemporary skills to do the same even more effectively.  The objective of the programme is to provide conceptual understanding and hone up skills of the participants to effectively design and conduct interviews.

Wrapping up the month, October 28th & 29th will be an MDP titled “Psychometric Testing & Applications”, under the direction of Prof. Sanghamitra Buddhapriya & Prof. Prachi Bhatt.  The programme has been designed with an aim to familiarize participants with measurement concepts & tools and improve selection and application of psychometric tests. Enabling participants to identify situations for which standardized tests can be used and where tests need to be developed. 

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