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Mr. Pankaj Sarin

MR. PANKAJ SARIN, FMG-7 (1998-2000)
Profile: Regional Manager – Enterprise Cloud Services (North & East), Hewlett Packard

In my opinion, during summer internship, students should try and maximize the gain from the opportunity at hand by being effective and working hard. The corporate world is small and well connected. Leaving good impressions on colleagues and developing cordial relations will influence future growth and references. Students should bear in mind that Summer Internship and the projects they execute will continue to have a bearing on their career for a long time. They should take the projects seriously, since this also works as a litmus test for final placements. Recruiting organizations evaluate the ability of candidates on the basis of their summer projects as well. It is very important to be on time and ensure that they are respectful to people within the organization and irrespective of their colleagues. Whether in communications or dress code, they should leave a positive impact in people's mind by means of a thorough professional conduct.

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