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Pranshu Pareek

Bagging PPO during your internship is no mean feat. Pranshu Pareek tells us how she did it.


Finance seems like a lucrative domain from the outside and you often think about it in terms of investments and multiplying resources. But during my internship with Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) I learned that managing resources efficiently is also an important element of Finance. That’s why I would say I have come back from the internship not only with insights about the corporate world but also with some important life lessons. The pre-placement offer that I bagged is the icing on the cake. But overall I think my efforts paid rich dividends. Am I sounding like a Finance person already?


Crunching the numbers and cutting travel budgets


HUL is a travel led company and employee travel accounts form a huge chunk of overhead budget. My project was to identify savings opportunity in travel space, bring in process efficiency, and design a travel solution, which is robust with all required control points. Yes, that meant making some suggestions and decisions that weren’t popular. But then working in the corporate world is definitely not about winning a popularity contest. In the end I was told that my interest and positive attitude clearly reflected in my work and, I guess, that is all that matters.


Rubbing shoulders with top professionals


Even though my project mentor worked from home, I would send her weekly reports. I also tried to interact with people from other departments as much as possible. Effective communication is definitely the key to do well in the corporate world. At HUL I was encouraged to communicate with professionals irrespective of the hierarchy. I got the chance to interact with GMs, VPs, and CXOs of other companies. Experiences like that can work wonders for the confidence levels of an aspiring management student. Ask me! I have experienced that high.


The work-life balance question


One of the nicest feelings for an intern is to have your ideas heard and accepted. It made me feel valued as a professional and convinced me that I am on the right track. I now believe this is exactly what I want to do with my career. But does corporate career allow you the luxury of a personal life? It’s a question we have asked peers and professionals before. Well, I got my answer with HUL. Here the work culture is chilled out and you are encouraged to have a relaxed outlook. I could go to the ‘living room’ to chill or arrange a meeting in the ‘adda’. It’s the kind of work culture I would love to have throughout my career.


Bagging the PPO


The last day of my internship was like an action packed thriller. It started with the PPI announcement and the actual interviews were conducted 30 minutes later. There were 11 interns in the Finance Leadership Training Program and we were mostly asked questions about the project. Throughout the internship I had received feedback that I am an independent learner, who doesn’t need to be spoon-fed. I think that worked in my favour. My internship with HUL has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which has given me big spoonfuls of everything.

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