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Working Papers


Working Paper No. Title Author's Name
WP 2013/28 Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Malaysian Companies: An Exploratory Study Taneja, Shallini
WP 2013/27 Post-liberalisation Bilateral Trade between India and Malaysia: Trends and Opportunities Srivastava, Ravikesh
WP 2013/26 Comparison of Public Transport Service Quality: Malaysia and India Sharma, Mohita G
WP 2013/25 Malaysia is Truly Asia……..says Malaysian Indians Tripathy, Anita Lal
WP 2013/24 Assessing the Malaysia’s Vulnerability to Financial Crises Joshi, Himanshu
WP 2013/23 Malaysian Education System: A Note Arora, Hitesh
WP 2013/22 An Insight into Malaysia’s Medical Tourism Industry Narula, Anupam
WP 2013/21 Women in Malaysian Society: The Continuing Struggle for Equality Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra
WP 2013/20 Socio-culture Makeup: Comparing India and Malaysia Kaur, Sumeet
WP 2013/19 India-Malaysia Bilateral Trade: Performance and Policies Bera, Subhasis
WP 2013/18 Understanding Malaysian Culture Jain, Neetu
WP 2013/17 Financial System of Malaysia– A Review Singh, Kanhaiya
WP 2013/16 Takaful (Islamic Insurance) in Malaysia: Cues for the Indian Insurance Industry Anand, Mohit
WP 2013/15 India and Malaysia: Seeking broad-based Engagement Ahmed, Faisal
WP 2013/14 Cultural Dimensions in Malaysian Brand Communications Swaminathan, Freda
WP 2013/13 Innovation Processes in the Emerging Indian Insurance Industry Anand, Mohit
WP 2013/12 The Uncommon Sense of Advertising – Understanding Contemporary Advertising Appeals in Print of Top Advertisers in India Swaminathan, Freda
WP 2013/11 An Exploratory Study of Listening Skills of Managers and Non-Managers within India, Malaysia, and United States Raina, Reeta
Roebuck, Deborah Britt
Lee, Cheng Ean (Catherine)
WP 2013/10 Infrastructure Development in Malaysia: Lessons for India Zameer, Qazi Asif
WP 2013/09 Corporate Governance Reporting Requirements: Malaysia vs. India Gupta, Ambrish
WP 2013/08 Influence of Power Distance in Negotiations in India and Malaysia: Future Research Implications Bhatt, Prachi
WP 2013/07 Banking Systems in Malaysia and India Dutta, Vinay
WP 2013/06 Technological Determinants of Server Price:  A Cross Country Comparison across Vendors Bera, Subhasis
Apr.2013 WP 34 Diversity Management Practices in Leading IT Firms in India: A Critical Analysis Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra
Apr.2013 WP 33 Managing Quality Dimensions In ‘Servitised’ Business Sharma, Mohita Gangwar
Mar.2013 WP 32 Indian Apparel Export Sector: Opportunities and Challenges
Zameer, Qazi Asif
Jan.2013 WP 31 Scenario of the Primary Capital Market in India :Present State,Future Outlook and Suggested Policy Reforms
Jan.2013 WP 30 Integrating Risk Management to Personal Finanical Planning Life Cycle Dutta,Vinay
Dec.2012 WP 29 Envision Towards Academic Quality and Excellence in Indian Higher Education Narula, Anupam
Oct.2012  WP 28 What Is The Life Time Value Of The Spare? Sharma, Mohita Gangwar
Aug.2012 WP 27 Financial Planners as Sustainable Retirement Solution Providers
Dutta, Vinay
Apr.2012 WP 26 Estimation under Progressive Interval Type-I Censoring for Reciprocal Exponential Distribution Kaur, Sumeet
Apr.2012 WP 25 A Holistic Approach of Motivating, Developing and Retaining Talent Jain, Neetu
Feb.2012 WP 24 Modelling Coopetition in Aeroparts Spares Supply Chain: A Game Theoretic Approach Sharma, Mohita Gangwar
Jan.2012 WP 23 Assessment of the Accountability of Investment Bankers in the Primary Market in Hindustan and Challenges Lying Ahead of Them Gupta, Ambrish
Jan.2012 WP 22 Paradigm Shift in the Role, Activities and Growth of Investment Bankers in Hindustan Gupta, Ambrish
Jan. 2012 WP 21 E's (Ease) of Creating Sustainable Personal Wealth Dutta, Vinay
Dec. 2011 WP 20 Infrastructure Growth in China: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Zameer, Asif
Dec. 2011 WP 19 Basic Economic Information On China: Rankings, Growth And Dodgy Statistics Singh, Kanhaiya
Dec. 2011 WP 18 Insights into the Logistics scene of China Sharma, Mohita Gangwar
Dec. 2011 WP 17 The Psychology of the Chinese Investor and Investment decisions Sahi, Kalra Shalini
Dec. 2011 WP 16 Higher Education Systems in China and India: Historical perspectives and Challenges Narula, Anupam
Dec. 2011 WP 15 Information Technology in Chinese Government Mathur, V.M.
Dec. 2011 WP 14 NI HAO-Hello this is the Chinese Way...! Lal, Anita Tripathy
Dec. 2011 WP 13 The Hukou System in China - An Overview Kumar, Neeraj
Dec. 2011 WP 12 Does Chinese Renminbi Deserve Reserve Currency Status? : A Challenging Road Ahead Joshi, Himanshu
Dec. 2011 WP 11 Global Crisis Response and Its Implications, India Vs China Joseph, Mathew
Dec. 2011 WP 10 Understanding the Role of Chinese Cultural Ethos in Chinese Management Jain, Neetu
Dec. 2011 WP 9 A Critique on Chinese Management Style and Business Ethics: Lessons For Hindustani Business Gupta, Ambrish
Dec. 2011 WP 8 Commercial Banking in Chindia-China and India Dutta, Vinay
Dec. 2011 WP 7 Organizational Culture in China: An Overview Chauhan, S P
Dec. 2011 WP 6 Land Of The Dragon : An Environmental Landscape Of Social, Economic, Cultural Realities From An Indian Perspective Chakrabarty, Pradip
Dec. 2011 WP 5 From Bounded Feet to Fleet-Footed: The Chinese Women’s Journey towards Equality Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra
Dec. 2011 WP 4 Changing Conflict Handling Styles with Variations in Chinese Cultural Orientations Bhatt, Prachi
Dec. 2011 WP 3 How China is Different from India? Bera, Suhasis
Dec. 2011 WP 2 A Competitive Advantage Strategy in China: Guanxi Arora, Hitesh
Dec. 2011 WP 1 Customerization: The Organizational Change for Marketing Excellence Das, Jitendra Kumar



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