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Robust MDP pack for January 2013

Robust MDP pack for January 2013

January offers a robust pack of Management Development Programmes at FORE School of Management. This month has sessions on Wealth Management, Personal Branding, Interpersonal Skills, Consumer Behavior Based Business Strategies, Finance for Non-Finance, Leadership and Decision Making.

An MDP on Behavioral Approach to Wealth Management will be held from January 10th & 11th under the direction of Prof. Vinay Dutta and Prof. Shalini Kalra Sahi. The program is aimed at senior and middle level executives from corporate, financial institutions, banks, insurance and asset management companies, entrepreneurial firms and managers. The MDP will work on skills like Financial Decision Making, Emotional and Psychological factors that effect the decisions of the client and the advisors, and Personal Financial Planning.

A two-day MDP under the direction of Prof. Freda J. Swaminathan will be held on 14th and 15th of January. Entitled ‘Personal Branding Inside Out’, the workshop will make you introspect about how you are 'positioned' in your personal and official space, and what you can do to build a personal branding strategy that gives you the results you desire. The program will benefit Senior Managers, self-employed entrepreneurs, and practitioners from different professions.

‘Improving Interpersonal Skills at Workplace’ is an MDP targeted at Executives of Public Sector, Private Sector, Multinational Organizations, and Government Departments. It will be held under the direction of Prof. Sanghamitra Buddhapriya and Prof. Anita Tripathy Lal on the 17th and 18th of January. The program will address self-awareness, interpersonal styles, managing emotions, building positive relationship, responding to criticism, dealing with different, diverse, and difficult people, and managing conflict and problem solving.

On 21st and 22nd of January, under the direction of Prof. Asif Zameer and Prof. Anupam Narula, an MDP will be held on ‘Consumer Behavior Based Business Strategies: Tools & Techniques’. This program is designed for heads of business units and middle level executives in the marketing or sales department. Further, the program is relevant for entrepreneurs and individuals involved in new start-ups in any type of market, be it services, FMCG, durable consumer goods or industrial products. Also, faculty members interested in understanding strategic consumer based insights would benefit from this program. The two-day program will focus on process for development of customer centric and market focused business strategies and shifts, the strategy development process from "inside-out" to "outside-in". It will also cover the understanding of consumer behavior in designing customer-centric business strategies and to influence the consumer behavior in order to uncover new opportunities and generate additional business.
Under the direction of Prof. Vinay Dutta, an MDP on ‘Finance for Non-Finance Executives’ will be held from 23rd to 25th of January. This program aims to help the participants gain a greater understanding of the financial objectives of the organization and translate them into action in their respective functional areas. It will help them work out the financial implications of their day-to-day decisions, helping them take decisions that have a positive impact on financial objectives of the business. They will also get acquainted with making better use of resources allocated to their divisions, build up financial confidence and sharpen their financial skills and competencies for business success.

From 28th to 30th of January, an MDP ‘Building Competencies for Leadership Roles’ will be organized under the direction of Prof. Sanghamitra Buddhapriya and Prof. Neeraj Kumar. The program aims at preparing managers at senior and middle levels for leadership roles.

An MDP on ‘Decision Making Techniques for Managers’ will be held on January 31st to February 1st, under the direction of Prof. Hitesh Arora. The program is targeted at Managers at all levels involved in Decision Making. The MDP offers a broad spectrum of knowledge of the mechanics of Decision Making Techniques and the types of problems to which these techniques can be applied.

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