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The FORE has sufficient dedicated space with latest equipments and instruments for indoor and outdoor games, e.g., Basket ball, Table Tennis, Badminton and Chess. The FORE has set up a Sports and Cultural Division (FSCD) aims to help students to achieve excellence by re-energizing them through regular sports events throughout the year. It encourages active participation of students along through team-work and provides a platform to display and develop their individual sporting skills.
FORE – FSCD organizes LAN gaming at Genesis witnesses overwhelming participation from various B-schools every year. The “Counter Strike” , “Need for Speed” and “FIFA11” events were among the most participated events. "Smash"- Badminton , "Carve"- Table Tennis, "Super sixes"-Cricket and "Tiger 6"-Football are some of the other popular sports events at FORE. The various intra and inter sports events have also been organized regularly at FORE – be it chess, table tennis, football or cricket , encourage both sports and the sporting spirit also come from the kin of FSCD.

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