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The objective of Team NEXUS is to add that bit of zing to the otherwise monotonous life. It is meant to make life more fun-filled, artistic and interesting. It provides the platform for students to go beyond their academic quest and explore their creative and artistic sensibilities.


The committee works with an objective of giving a holistic approach to professional higher education and intends to create an atmosphere, which is intellectually and aesthetically stimulating for the students on the campus. The student committee here comes from diversified backgrounds, and celebrating our differences, as well as our common interests help us unite and learn from each other.


In the pursuit of its objective, cultural and intellectual activities are held, by offering students a platform to showcase their musicians, dancers, actors, painters, writers, photographers and dreamers.


The Committee's activities are also aimed to orient them towards standards of equality, justice and a humanist culture. These activities are held throughout the year and eminent people in their respective fields are invited from all over India to take part in these programmes.


Our flagship event is Genesis, annual management and cultural festival, which is a symbol of fine artistry showcased by students from Top B-Schools of the country. It accentuates the creativity and ingenuity put forward by all to create a magical aura of enthusiasm. It is highlighted by numerous management events, soulful and attractive performances by the music and dance groups, various literary events, with the major attraction being the Star Night. And we promise to raise the bar with each coming year.


In the wonderful journey from Fresher's to Farewell, Team Nexus is there to make a much more exhilarating by creating beautiful memories.


Team Nexus :

Zaki Zamrood


Sakshi Ahuja


Jayant Bose


Aman Singh Shrinet 


Rahul Jindal 


Priyam Wadhwa


Ananya Chitransh


Amarinder Minhas


Eeshaan Mishra


Karan Khare




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