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The SIG-HR, is one of the functional group of FORE School of Management. It started as an initiative to give a boost to the HR activities in the Institute. The main aim of the SIG-HR is to spearhead activities that could remove the traditional myths surrounding HR as a function and to create awareness regarding the importance of HR function in the current business scenario. It facilitates the functioning of the Centre of Excellence for HR. It provides a platform to the student community to understand and enhance their knowledge in this field by getting associated with the faculty and participating in events and activities. It organizes activities all around the year involving students from B-Schools all across India and industry personnel from various sectors.


Team Members:

Ashima Gupta

Paras bhandula

Zeenat Jolly

Saket Aggarwal

Ashna Gupta

Kriti Vij

Samriddhi Gupta

Nikita Arora

Avik Bal

Diti Garg

Yash Pise


Official Maid ID:

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