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I would recommend the WMG program to professionals because it’s very industry- relevant and you can relate to the learning easily.” says Neelutpal Saha

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Arjun Sarin, Class 2015, FORE School of Management is all set to embark on his entrepreneurial dreams and follow his destiny

Arjun Sarin was working at Infosys, a big brand in its own right when he decided to move towards a new career path

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Shivangi Anupriya tells us why the Bronze Medal she won is not her biggest achievement at FORE School Of Management, New Delhi

That would be a huge achievement for any management aspirant.

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Nikita Khanduja, the Silver Medalist of FMG 2015, reflects on her journey with FORE School Of Management, New Delhi and how it transformed her into an industry-ready professional

Your B School is probably the most intense and memorable part of your student life because it’s the last step of education for many of us.

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A memorable journey at FORE ending with a great placement offer, Shivam Singla shares how his second Master’s degree has turned out to be a masterstroke.

Shivam Singla of PGDM 2014-16 was recently placed with Hector Beverages through campus placements, an exciting role that comes with a high earning potential of INR 21 lacs per annum. Here, he talks about his pre and post FORE ambitions and shares ,,,,,

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Harjas Singh Kohli of PGDM 2015-17 has gone from working for Accenture to now joining a start-up. This is the magical journey of FORE, which takes you in new directions, towards new beginnings.

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Sayak Ray from class 2014-2016 recently got placed with Cognizant for an annual package of Rs 14 lacs. He shares his placement experien

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Bhuvnesh Tomar's internship with Kimbely Clark helped him answer the question - 'Which Marketing field do I want to work in?'

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‘Never stop learning in life. Be a Learning Enthusiast. There is a lot to explore in the world’ -Harjas Singh Kohli

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Ritu Kalra, fresher with an Economics background shares takeaways from her internship experience with Asian Paints.

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From being a fresher to walking out with an HUL job offer –Ashima's transformation PGDM Journey.

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Anurag Soni

Anurag Soni made it through his placement round with the very first company and credits FORE for the preparation levels it instils in its students.

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Abhishek Sharma

FORE plays a very important role in all of our stories – Abhishek Sharma (Batch of 2015-17)

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Niharika Sharma

Niharika Sharma travelled a short distance from home but came a long way towards her career goals at FORE School of Management

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Praveen Kumar

How is FORE School of Management inspiring students to move the world forward? Hear what Praveen Kumar of PGDM Batch 2017 has to say

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Nipun Charaya

Nipun Charaya (FORE batch of 2015-17) says that his placement with Capgemini was “a direct result of an academic experience that transformed my personality”

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Ishmeet Kaur

PGDM 2016-18 student Ishmeet Kaur decodes the multi-layered facets of the International Immersion Programme of FORE School of Management

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Nikita Shekhawat

Nikita Shekhawat on her first month into the PGDM programme at FORE School of Management, New Delhi

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Kushaang Deswal,

What value can B-School competitions add to an MBA?

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Tanvir Singh Virdi

Tanvir Singh Virdi on taking things to the next level as Student Council President

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Tanvir Singh Virdi

You never know when the right opportunity would come knocking,” says Tanvir Singh Virdi, on getting placed with Bacardi Limited

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From being a fresher to walking out with an HUL job offer –Ashima's transformation PGDM Journey.

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Can MBA degree change your perspective on work and also life? After bagging a prestigious placement, Nikhil Kashive shows that it can.

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FORE School of Management ups Pranav Sood’s ‘IT’ factor as he bags lucrative placement with Cognizant

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Ushma from PGDM batch at FORE gears up for her new job with multinational telecommunications giant British Telecom

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Srishty Sreya tells us how FORE School of Management enabled her to shine in the placement process and bag a job with McKinsey Knowledge Centre

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Gunit Gandhi tells us how she landed her dream job with Deloitte USI

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Amartya Chakraborty reflects on his decision to pursue a PGDM programme after graduating in physics

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Interning with Philips Lighting, Naman Taneja wins Best Summer Project award from the global leader in lighting solutions

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After Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam and Brussels, life garbs a new meaning for Pulkit Bhardwaj of PGDM Class 2015, FSM

The student exchange program in Rennes was a tremendous learning experience for Pulkit.

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Saurabh Gupta bags the gold medal for PGDM, IMG 2014 at FORE School of Management, New Delhi; sheds light on his winning attitude

Saurabh Gupta, a student of FORE School of Management, New Delhi has a lot to cheer about.

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Maansi Gupta strikes Gold in PGDM FMG Class 2015 and describes how FORE School of Management, New Delhi transformed her into a professional

Winning the Gold Medal for the Future Managers Group, Class 2015

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"Faculty members with substantial corporate exposure bring their learning to the classroom," says Abhilasha Gupta, with gratitude, on getting placed with HUL.

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How I made it to Deloitte Consulting? - Madhumita, PGDM programme, Class of 2016.

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Malvika Bahety

“FORE School of Management has given me a lot of exposure and helped to enhance my personality,” says Malvika Bahety, (PGDM 2015-17)

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Utpala Rai

Utpala Rai on the importance of being prepared for placements and the life beyond

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What to expect at FORE- Summarising the unsummarisable

Hello to all the new FORE admits. You have taken your first step towards what will definitely be an exhilarating two years!

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Shivakshi Malik

Shivakshi Malik tells us how her trimester in France has been a life changing experience

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Moving from Guwahati to the National Capital, Mumtazuddin's journey of hopes and aspirations

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Chemistry graduate Nachiketa Madaan on exploring new career avenues amidst a diverse batch of PGDM students.

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Utpala Rai

Utpala Rai on the importance of being prepared for placements and the life beyond

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Imaad's tale across 10 cities, two continents, a desert, and finally FORE

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Jagpreet Singh – PGDM 2012-2014 Marketing/ IT has been placed with Khimji Ramdas at Muscat (Oman), as Section Sales Manager

Jagpreet is one of the first three FOREians from the batch of 2012-14 to have cracked international placements.

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Aashish Agarwal, FMG-24

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Jevin Kuriakose on moving from Kerala to Delhi for his PGDM and never looking back

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Management Student by day, Entrepreneur by night – Bharat Natani of Attrum Global talks about his passion for Gems

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After completing MBA you need a career path and not just a job,” says Anusha Gupta, who has bagged plum placement with Darashaw

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Nikhil Gurg – PGDM-IB 2012-2014 Finance/ Marketing placed with ICICI Bank as Assistant Manager

With his varied work experience, it is not surprising that Nikhil Gurg is amongst the first to be placed amongst his batchmates of the Class of 2012-14 at FORE School of Management.

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Pallavi Swaroop PGDM 2014, recently placed with Capgemini

There is something remarkable about numismatists – people who study or collect currency coins and paper money.

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Nand Kishor Sharma, PGDM 2012- 2014– the small town guy, who made it big

Nand Kishor Sharma has a unique distinction in the 2013-15 batch at FORE School of Management, New Delhi.

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Ms Neha Puri turned an entrepreneur after 15 years in the corporate sector. She joins the WMG program to understand different facets of doing business and build networks.

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I knew that FORE had a good reputation and atmosphere,” says Quitterie Alphand, ESC Rennes School of Business, France

QuitterieAlphand knew that she wanted to experience all that the world had to offer.As a student at ESC Rennes School of Business in France, Quitterie traveled for two months to discover countries such as Nepal, Thailand and Laos.It was at this point that

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For Chirag the school has a perfect blend of curricular and extra-curricular events

The first impression that Chirag Pilkhwal gives you is of a young man who has been a practitioner of management, way before FORE School of Management, New Delhi, happened to him.

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Placed with Khimji Ramdas at Muscat (Oman), as Section Sales Manager

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Mini takes a path less trodden

Mini Aggarwal is probably the only person in FORE School of Management, New Delhi, who is not intrigued by her own dramatic shift from being a hard core technologist, to studying business at the FORE School of Management, New Delhi.

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Ashish Jalan is determined to make a big name for FORE, at DELL

To most of his colleagues in FORE School of Management, New Delhi Ashish Jalan is a clear-cut achiever.

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From Fashion to Food, Devina Jain of PGDM, FORE School of Management, New Delhi had a lot to chew on during her ESC Rennes exchange program

According to Devina, the exchange program has had a huge influence on her life and her way of thinking.

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Poornima Choudhary of FMG 21 Batch strikes Gold, winning the prestigious Scholastic Award and embarks on a promising professional journey

“From Finance to Marketing and HR, we got a taste of everything,” she says.

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Sahil Goyal

It definitely wasn’t a single reason why Sahil Goyal picked FORE above the rest. A lot of factors played in.

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Maulshri Bhardwaj is someone who knows what she wants

It is often said that you cannot please all the people at all times. However, as the Class Representative (CR) of the WMG 20 Batch at FORE School of Management, Maulshri Bhardwaj comes pretty close to achieving this.

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“Circumstances in life are the best teachers”, says Vikalp after attending his ESC Rennes exchange program as a part of the PGDM course of FSM, New Delhi

“The most interesting aspect was that they tried to involve each and every student in a discussion. In India, not everyone gets involved ‒ in Rennes, professors encourage and motivate you to be a part of discussions. I like the classroom spirit they

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Raashi Sodhi is pursuing her third Masters from FORE School of Management, and now feels prepared to take her place in the corporate world

Raashi Sodhi is an ideal knowledge society student, driven completely by the desire to know more and learn more. There is no better way of explaining this than looking at the reasons she journeyed to FORE School of Management.

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Abhishek decided to join a management programme so that he could know more about himself and discover his potentials

The reason he chose the FORE School of Management, New Delhi, over other business schools is because of its great brand value and repute. It is also the oldest management institute offering part-time programmes in Management

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It was the perfect opportunity to see how people study and work abroad,’ says Cecile, International Exchange Student at FORE School of Management, New Delhi

The decision to study abroad can be a life-altering experience. It is one that Cécile actively decided to embrace. After making the decision to travel and study abroad, she chose the FORE School of Management Program.

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“Indian students are far more adaptable to new environment than any other international student,” says Saloni Mohan, who’s back from her student exchange program at ESC Rennes, richer in life experiences.

At FORE School of Management we felt at home right from the first day,” she explains.

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