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Student Life

FORE School of Management has student committees that ensure that our learning experience here is coupled with adequate amount of extra curricular activities and to have an all round exposure to all that holds significance for the students.

The seniors conduct a short session right after the induction ceremony to introduce to the fresh batch of students, the various committees that are functional at FORE. After having learnt what each committee’s mandate is, the students are asked to list down the committees’ teat they are keen on being a part of. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Now here comes the catch, in an MBA program nothing comes easy, right from gaining admission into the college of our choice, to surviving the rigorous schedule, to finally getting placed in one’s ‘dream’ company. The selection procedure for these committees are at par with or maybe even more intense than what a student has to go through to be a part of FORE.


FORE Career Division

FORE Career Division’ or FCD as it’s popularly known is the placement cell of FORE. Every year over a hundred students’ gruel it put for the 8 pristine positions. The selection process for the committee is elaborate, consisting of 6 rounds at least. They range from group discussions to personal interviews. FCD epitomizes hard work and expects the same from its team. The team is seeks to involve their whole hearted dedication towards the cause of placing its fellow peers. The FCD team resonates with the famous dialogue from Spiderman “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Co-ordinator: Nidhi Verma


FORE Branding Cell

Fore Branding Cell is a unique initiative by the students of FORE to establish a synergy between FOREians and the Corporate Community. FORE has been known since its inception for the values and beliefs that it ingrains in its students. The team works effectively towards intra and inter college events and engages in media, public relations, advertising and branding related activities to effectively construct the building blocks of a strong brand- its efficient students. The team works at enhancing the quality of life on campus, by stream lining the activities of all the students.

FORE Branding Cell works on the ideology of ICAN which acts as an Interface between Students Corporate and Alumni through effective Networking.

The Branding cell, envisages taking this legacy forward and reaching every college and corporate house; thus, spreading the ethos of FORE “Casting the future”.

Coordinators: Saurabh Jaju & Arnav Chandra



FOREtech is the technical committee at FORE which was formed with the launch of FORE student’s Hub – the first of its kind for the Students. It’s the committee’s endeavour to facilitate the student community at FORE. Thereby, creating a podium for interaction and networking for the students.

The committee has also been organising various events. Bell the Bull: the Inventory Management Online Game and the extremely popular Tambola Quest have been a highly appreciated.

The committee seeks to foray into newer avenues in future to keep FORE School of Management abreast of the “cybercom”.

Co-ordinator: Kunal Bansal


FORE Alumni Network

The FORE Alumni Network student committee (FAN) has been involved with creating and sustaining a mutually beneficial relationship between the Institute and Its Alumni network. To that effect, various events are conducted throughout the year, including the annual Alumni Re-union ‘Jubilate’.

Over the last few years, initiatives have been taken in the form of the re-launch of the FAN Website and the Mentorship programme as well as Alumni events such as the Twenty – Twenty cricket match and student-Alumnus interactions – Rendezvous. The team constantly strives to build a strong platform for the Alumni to network and interact with students, faculty members and the Management, thereby enhancing the educational experience at the Institute and promoting brand FORE in the business world  environment.

In the near future, the team intends to increase Alumnus’ engagement in various activities at the Institute. At the same time, efforts will be taken to enhance interaction and networking across all batches of various courses that have graduated during the 25 years of FORE’s existence.

Co-ordinator: Ankit Mehra


FORE Sports Division

The Fore Sports Division (FSD) aims to help students achieve excellence by re-energizing them. LAN gaming at Genesis witnesses overwhelming participation from various B-schools every year. The “Counter Strike” and the “Need for Speed” events were among the most participated events. "Alteir"- Sports Quiz , "Carve"- Table Tennis, "Super sixes"-Cricket and "Tiger 6"-Football are some of the other popular sports events at FORE. The various intra and inter sports events organized at FORE – be it chess, table tennis, football or cricket, encourage both sports and the sporting spirit also come from the kin of FSD. 

Co-ordinator-Rahul Sood


Corporate Interaction Division

The Corporate Interaction Division, or the CID as it is fondly called, is an initiative by the students of FORE School of Management to strengthen and manage an interface between the students and the corporate world. It encourages learning through corporate interaction. The committee is responsible for arranging ANUBHUTI Sessions, which are highly educative and interactive guest lectures by eminent personalities from the corporate world.

CID through its activities endeavors to provide a platform for the future managers and corporate heads to deliberate, debate and discuss the relevant and contemporary aspects of business and effectively synthesizes the academic knowledge of the former with the latter’s practical wisdom.

As a part of Genesis 2009, the Annual Management Festival of FORE School of Management, CID organized “Kurukshetra- the Management Battlefield” a panel discussion of students with the industry.

Co-ordinator: Arshi Ansari



Library Committee

The Library Committee at FORE School of Management acts as a channel of communication between the Library and the students. Feedback is collected frequently so that it reaches the right people.

The committee also recommends acquisition of books, periodicals, reports, conference proceedings, etc for the library as per the academic requirements and the interests of the students and staffs. Apart from this, book exhibitions are also conducted where students get an opportunity to go through various books and are free to request for them if they like them and find them useful.

Co-ordinator: Ashish Ranjan Jha



Fore School Students show stupendous innovativeness in activities outside the academic murals as well. Nexus provides  platform to unleash one’s potential in the area of art,culture,music, dramatics,quizzingand business simulation and other fun games.

Team Nexus annually organizes Genesis, the Annual Management Festival, a Fresher’s Welcome Party and a Thanks Giving.

‘Genesis’, the Annual Management Fest of FORE School of management is organised and managed by students. It provide a platform for the students of FORE to interact with the students of other B Schools across the country. The event comprises strategic simulation and the cultural activities.

It’s the endeavour of the team to be innovative and come up with better activities each time. The response for the Festival is overwhelming. All the leading B Schools including all the IIMs, NMIMS, XLRI, NITIE, IIT Delhi, FMS to name a few, participated.

Co-ordinators: Rajat Pahwa and Gaurav Gehlawat




FOREWord represents the creative calm of this immense personal and intellectual actualization space that FORE provides. The editing board of FORE , is responsible for  capturing the vibrant and testing phases of life lived and presented through out the days at FORE and all such spoken and unspoken glances vision themselves out through our publications. 

FOREWord’s working arena revolves around a fixed domain of coming out with the annual magazine, newsletters, covering Anubhutis and various other events happening at FORE and organizing various competitions like View-Counterview, Speak-up, Taboo, B’ful Soul etc. And its unbounded terrain lies in the individual freedom that it provides where-in the members can take up initiatives which get unlocked through willingness.

 It is the representation ground of FORE and through its publications students can voice out their concerns and general thoughts as well.  The newsletter that it publishes brings together the experiences of the fresh batch with the seniors and how they perceive FORE as a brand, as a learning space and an organization different from other B-schools.

It not only publishes and documents awareness but it speaks about the life within FORE. It has grown as a witness to the changing trends and ideologies of students since its inception.

There are some things visible and can be easily judged but then there are certain indiscernible beliefs that are gathered and put together on the white spaces through the times.

FOREWord has been once such record keeper of ideologies, tenets and miens that the students at FORE have possessed. Thus it gives a representation to the opinion of its students and captures the contributions made by other committees of FORE as well.

FOREWord every year welcomes all those who have flair to think positively and take the documentation of thoughts to a newer level. 

If FORE has a history, then FOREWord has been the diarist.

Co-ordinator: Akanksha Chaudhary



ANTAR’s Inception

A committee for formalising FORE’s CSR activities was constituted as per a decision taken by the Faculty Council on Aug 18, 2008. It consisted of a chairperson and three other members from the faculty.

Students included a CSR project competition in their annual fest (Karmayog) which had participants from leading B-schools from across the country. FORE students’ project presentation won them the second prize.

A committee of the students for CSR-ANTAR was formed to act as an interface between students and faculty. This committee envisioned to be the catalyst to drive those who are socially aware and be a medium of awareness for the incognizant.

Discussions were held with two NGOs- ‘Save the Children’ and ‘Goonj’. The former would train students in how to build trust in underprivileged areas/villages-the beneficiaries of CSR activities. Towards that end, FORE will explore the possibility of holding medical camps in the neighbourhood villages of Katwaria Sarai and Adhchini.  Visits to these areas however revealed that the people there are by and large not exactly underprivileged.

ANTAR- in association with Goonj- carried out a campaign for collection of clothes. Subsequently, the collected clothes were gifted to Goonj in a simple and dignified function. The presence of Mr Anshu Gupta and Director, together with some faculty members, in the function, was very inspirational.

Co-ordinator: K.Madhukar Anant



Think Tank is the committee that’s known for its grey matter, and rightly so the committee organizes an entourage of events that have the students racking their brains to solve puzzles. Through its various events, Think Tank looks to diversify the students’ openness to experience, their confidence and public speaking skills. Treasure Hunt, Adjustment, Manthan, etc, are some of the many events that the team organizes.

Coordinator- Piyush Jaidev
Email- piyushjaidev@foreian.con


Canteen Committee

Right from providing the fresh vegetable sandwiches and providing food even when the lunch time is over to letting students have their special ‘black and lemon teas’ on special demands, the presence and relevance of this committee is felt most when on weekends students are craving to have their balanced diet rather than as always munching on the Dhabas outside. Its credible how even on Sundays you can be assured that you would get some healthy snacks in the campus.  Constantly working on changing the menu as per the need and requirement of the students and faculty, this committee does play an important role in every-day life at FORE as it deals with the most important component that is essential to nurture the creative minds at FORE; food of course!

Coordinator: Adesh Sahini


FORE Economy Forum

Fore Economy Forum was started in the year 2006 to create a potent platform for very FOREian to excel in whatever he/she does. The committee’s mission is to provide a forum for people can share, analyze and apply their valuable thoughts so that they can become competent and capable managers, ready to face the competitive arena outside. FORE Economy Forum plays an important role in organizing events on the FORE Foundation Day.

Co-ordinator: Prashant Baweja



Freshers’ Night

Here comes the time, when our seniors both formally and informally welcome us to FORE, the day which finally breaks the proverbial ‘ice’ between the seniors and the juniors. Having gone through the laborious orientation session and the grueling committee selection procedure, it’s now time to let our hair down and party. Some students celebrate their selection into the committee of their choice, while those who unfortunately don’t make it, rejoice in the fact that they have been saved all those extra hours of hard work.

This day will remain fresh in the memory of every first year student for a very long time, as this is the day, when they break  part the ‘white and grey’ shackles and enter a whole new world of colors. The one reason or all to party is, the seniors welcome the new batch and the new batch to welcome colors into their lives.



The Corporate Interaction Division of FORE School of Management organizes ‘Anubhuti’ sessions through the academic curriculum. The sole objective of these sessions is to give the budding managers a taste of what lies ahead for them. Esteemed corporates come to the college premises to share their first hand experiences about their industry of expertise.  They also talk about a specific domain. This creates a resourceful outlook for the students who gain a lot of practical knowledge in the bargain. Perhaps the entire motive of these sessions is to give something more than just the curricular text-books. Bring the students as close as possible to the ground reality; prepare them better to face the world that stares at them.

Anubhuti’ in the true sense of the word makes for great learning and enrichment. With FORE taking keen interest in bringing diverse minds at the premises, these sessions are the way to go for the students.



JUBILATE, the Annual Alumni Meet at FORE, is an evening when Foreians from across the country returned to their alma mater, to revisit what were probably the most memorable years of their lives. The nostalgia looms large that evening as long lost friends and batch mates meet to strengthen the bond that still binds them together, years into their professional lives.

The event brings back innumerable memories from the past; of afternoons spent in the canteen, the meetings at the Pentagon or the Anubhutis sessions in the auditorium. Not to forget the dhabas outside FORE that stood witness to many an entrepreneurial dream.

e-hub or the

The is facilitated by the FORETech geeks. It makes all the FOREIans networked. Be it the group projects or any of the events happening at Fore, the e- hub proves to be a real boon for all students. Also students can have group assignments made online in no time as they can chat up through the night and add on perspectives to the report they need to submit the next day. Also all the important information is put on the website which can accessed by the students at any time of the day. Thus providing a space where all the information is put together is surely a convenience for which the credit goes to the FORETech team without any doubt.


Life Outside FORE

FORE School of Management is located in the heart of South Delhi in the Qutub Institutional Area. With Management institutes like IIFT and IMI in the vicinity, the entire area buzzes with intellect and cognitive joy. But, it’s not all books and laptops around FORE; one just can not undermine the ‘key’ role that the ‘dhabas’ play in the life of a management grad. Many a great ideas have taken shape while ‘paranthas’ were cherished. Many a times FORE Alumni can be seen romping around with fellow batch mates and delighting over their favorite ‘masala coke ‘ and chai at the Dhaba while others would be busy sharing jokes and experiences with the cooks at the Dhaba. It’s a perfect example of life enjoyed in nostalgia that brings back not the regret of having grown up but the euphoria of having grown up and still being able to relate and feel a part of that same culture out of which they grew to differentiate and make realistic changes in the world outside.

Sanjayvan, a photographer’s delight as it should be best called,has had its share of importance in the life of not just a FOREian but everybody who visits this area which is unforgettable as it offers a lot of good food and sitting place to re-evaluate, re-discover life which was once lived out of youthful exuberance. Sanjayvan is also a gateway to the much admired monument of Delhi Qutub Minar. So all those people who on a sudden impulse feel that their creative instinct can only shape up by being in the historical arena can escape their way to the monument in no time through the forests of Sanjayvan.

With all this in just one place, FORE surely is a favourite location for all the intellect searching minds.

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