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December delivers six MDP sessions at FORE

From customer relationship management to coaching and mentoring sessions, FORE School of Management’s Management Development Program will be in full swing this December, 2012 with six programs planned.


Kicking off the month will be an MDP on “Understanding Customer Relationship Management for Developing Winning Strategies” headed up by FORE Director Dr. Jitendra K. Das and slated to run December 3-5. “With the liberalization of the global economy, markets have become ferociously competitive,” said Dr. Das. “Companies now must work harder than ever before to gain and keep customers and at a competitive cost. The key lies in understanding the customer better than the competition and rolling out marketing plans that elicit customer response to buy,” highlights Dr. Das while stressing on the importance of customer relationship management in today’s economic scenario.


This session aims to broaden knowledge about tools and techniques for understanding customers and developing loyalty strategies and will feature hands-on practice with Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. It’s aimed at all professionals who want to sharpen their skills at retaining their customer base.


December 5-7 will see a session on “Advanced Corporate Finance” under the direction of Prof. Vinay Dutta. With finances and financial management at the core of all businesses, this course will cover a range of areas, including analyzing financial information, applying strategic thinking in financial situations, communicating strategic and financial information and understanding the role of risk management in corporate performance.


“Competency Mapping for Effective Performance Management” will be covered during December 10-11 under the direction of Dr. Prachi Bhatt and Dr. Sumeet Kaur. The aim of this course will be “understanding, designing and implementing competency models to get the best out of people to gain and sustain a competitive advantage” mentions Dr. Bhatt while elaborating on the program.


Dr. Anita Tripathy Lal will be charge of a course on “Enhancing Assertiveness and Positive Attitude” to be held December 12-14.


Her session is aimed at developing assertive behaviour both professionally and personally, helping others by giving direct honest feedback and developing a positive self-image.


A program on “Sales and Distribution Management” is slated for December 17-19 under the direction of Dr. Asif Zameer. The course is aimed at teaching the understanding of the elements of sales, distribution and logistics, along with their interdependence and inter-relationship.


Wrapping up the month will be an MDP on “Coaching and Mentoring for Personal and Professional Development”, headed up by Dr. Sanghamitra Buddhapriya on December 20-21, the goal of which will be to teach the concept and purpose of management coaching and mentoring, its use as a tool in human resources and the relationship between coaching, mentoring and organizational objectives.

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