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Eight more MDPs at FORE in September 2013

September at FORE School of Management is packed with management development programmes, with topics ranging from Financial Derivatives-Risk Hedging Strategies, to Effective Brand Management.
Kicking off the month will be a two-day session on “Financial Derivatives-Risk Hedging Strategies” from September 5th and 6th under the direction of Prof. Kanhaiya Singh. This Programme is designed to deal with relevant aspects of financial derivatives and how effectively use them in minimizing the risk.


The next MDP on “Finance for Non-Finance Executives”, under the direction of Prof. Vinay Dutta, scheduled to run from September 9th to 11th. This MDP focused in the present competitive business environment informs that profit generation and wealth maximization require sustained efforts and appropriate decision skills on the part of executives in all functions and departments and to gain a greater understanding of the financial objectives of the organization and translate them into action in their respective functional areas.


The MDP on “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices in India” is slated for September 12th and 13th under the direction of Prof. Shallini Taneja.   CSR measures for both public and private sector corporations in India have gathered a certain momentum due to economic reforms and globalization pressures.  Objectives of this MDP are to elucidate and review the understanding of concepts and theories of CSR among executives; to develop approaches, tools and techniques for CSR implementation, to evaluate the stakeholder engagement practices of Indian Industry and to develop insights into appropriate disclosure and reporting systems for CSR and Sustainability.


September 16th and 17th will see a session on “Effective Purchasing Skills” headed by Prof. Mohita G. Sharma. A two-day “high energy” programme to highlight the changed role of the procurement function in the modern operations and the immense potential Right Purchasing offers to the enterprise in improving its operational performance.  Purchasing today is not just a support activity but binds together all the organs of the enterprise namely manufacturing, operations, services, finance, stores besides the suppliers and customers.


“Managerial Leadership and Team Building” is on the cards for September 18th and 20th, under the direction of Prof. Sanghamitra Buddhapriya. This MDP is designed to provide an insight into team building and leadership skills through conceptual and experiential learning sessions, help assessing the gap between self perception and group perception regarding their team working and to develop a plan of action for improving team building and leadership skills. It is aimed at senior and middle level managers of public and private sector organizations, MNCs, banks, financial institutions, government departments and other organizations/institutions.


Sessions on “Financial Inclusion” are scheduled from September 23rd and 24th under the directions of Prof. Ravikesh Srivastava and Prof. Mohit Anand, this MDP will employ multiple resources comprising of case studies from India, China and other markets based on data collected from primary as well as secondary sources by the faculty.  This will be complimented with presentations, exercises and discussions on practitioner-oriented articles.  This programme will focused on the way financial inclusion can be targeted upon and achieved particularly in BOP and rural markets.  The main objective is to understand the nuances of enhancing financial inclusion in such under-penetrated markets with addressing the concerns and issues around financial inclusion.


September 25th to 27th will see Prof. Neeraj Kumar and Prof. Neetu Jain conduct a programme on “HRM for Line Managers”. This programme would trace out the main tasks that an HR Manager performs and, from this, glean the wide array of people related actions of a Line Manager.  The main focus, thereafter, will be to explore the underlying skill requirements for all the people related competencies.  This programme aims at helping the participants explore way of enhancing effectiveness at managing people related processes through identifying the HRM functions that a line manager performs and practice the skills required for managing these functions effectively.


Wrapping up the month, September 30th and October 1st will be an MDP titled “Effective Brand Management”, under the direction of Prof. Freda J. Swaminathan.  Brand Management has made organizations realize that marketing is not a cost center, but an asset building. It provides directions to organizations to deal with the challenges of the new market place.  This workshop will provide a road map for effective internal and external brand management strategies.

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