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November sees a wide range of MDPs at FORE

November will once again see a full slate of Management Development Programmes at FORE School of Management.


Still to come this month are sessions dealing with financial derivatives and risk hedging strategies, e-governance concepts and challenges, and strategic human resource management.


Under the direction of Dr. Kanhaiya Singh, the MDP on Financial Derivatives and Risk Hedging Strategies will be held from 21st to 23rd of November. Aimed at senior and middle level industry professionals, those playing the derivative markets, bankers, academicians and financial services organisations, this course will cover recent changes in the field and how to utilise derivatives effectively to minimize risk. Other faculty involved in this session will be Prof. Vinay Dutta and Assistant Prof. Dr. Himanshu Joshi.


A two-day session on E-Governance Concepts and Challenges is slated for the 26th and 27th of November, under the direction of Dr. V.M. Mathur. “The MDP on e-governance is designed keeping in view the concept of the Public-Private Partnership Model as a vehicle for implementing e-governance projects in India,” said Dr. Mathur, noting that he would be covering this content in detail to give the attending private IT company executives the maximum benefit.“I shall also cover other aspects,” he said, “such as procedures, emerging new technologies, application access to grass-root level citizens through central and state government level broadband network facilities, etc.”


After 20 years of working towards e-governance in India at the national and state levels some successes have been achieved, but most are still working at streamlining efficiencies and many complications have arisen. This programme will give an overview of the e-governance situation - its architecture, infrastructure, policy and process development, and project management - and is aimed senior and mid-level information technology professionals from all sectors.


Wrapping up the month will be a two-day programme on Strategic Human Resources Management scheduled for the 29th and 30th of November, under the direction of Dr. SanghamitraBuddhapriya. Aimed at all human resources managers and practitioners, the goal of the programme is to drive home the key issues of strategic human resource management and view it within the framework of organisational strategy.


Earlier this month, two other MDPs were held at FORE, dealing with selection and interviewing skills, and strategic financial management.


Prof. Neeraj Kumar was in charge of the November 1st and 2nd session on selection and interviewing skills aimed at sharpening participants’ skills at designing and conducting interviews, while Dr. Himanshu Joshi was in charge of the November 5th and 6thprogramme on strategic financial management.

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