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Seven MDPs in August have something for everyone at FORE

With seven Management Development Programmes (MDPs) slated for August, 2013 FORE School of Management, New Delhi, is offering something of interest to everyone in the world of business.

Kicking off the month will be a two-day session on “Advanced Excel Training” will be the subject of a programme led by Prof. Sumeet Kaur on August 1st and 2nd.   The objective of this training course is to use Excel more efficiently for data management and interpretation.

The next MDP will be a 2-day programme on “Effective Spares Management: Winning in the Aftermarket” under the direction of Prof. Mohita G. Sharma, scheduled to run from Aug 5th – 6th, 2013.  Aimed at decision makers, senior and middle level managers, the MDP will strive to teach how to understand the changing role of after sales function, to learn the contemporary tolls to tackle the aftermarket challenges, to appreciate that aftermarket is a tool for competitive advantage and to be able to measure the efficacy of this function.

August 7th and 8th will see “Superannuation Planning” conducted by Prof. Vinay Dutta which will focus on empowering the participants to develop capabilities to assess their pre and post superannuation financial need, extending their present knowledge with current insights from Wealth Management perspective and providing framework of wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth distribution.

The next session will be a 3-day programme on “Training of Trainers” under the directions of Prof. Neeraj Kumar and Prof. Neetu Jain, scheduled to run from August 12-14, 2013.  This programme is designed to equip the HRD professionals and line managers with necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to effectively plan, design and manage staff learning and development function with a view to enhance employee and organizational productivity.

“Understanding CRM for Developing Winning Strategies” will be taught at a three-day MDP on August 21-23, 2013 under the direction of the Director FORE, Dr. Jitendra K. Das.  This programme aims to broaden the grasp of participants about tools and techniques to better understand their customers and develop strategies to acquire and keep customers loyal.   Aimed at all business professionals with a concern for their customers and willing to sharpen skills to develop customer centric business strategies would benefit most from this programme.

August 26th and 27th will see a MDP on “Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Valuation” conducted by Prof. Himanshu Joshi and Prof. Vandana Gupta which will focus on understanding the basics of discounted cash flow techniques using MS Excel, revenue and cost projection for companies, determination of projected for cash flows, building appropriate equity valuation model using MS Excel and building valuation model for M&A.

The Next MDP on “Enhancing Managerial Performance through Stress Management” conducted by Prof. Neetu Jain, is scheduled to run from August 29th and 30th.  This programme aims to identify the potential sources of stress, understand the nature of organizational stress, analyze the adverse impact of stress on various parts of life, reduce stress and burnout for better productivity, empower individuals to be in greater control of themselves for personal growth, increase concentration and energy levels, rejuvenate body, mind and soul and increase overall sense of well being.

With such far-ranging and in-depth MDPs scheduled for the month of August, it is clear that FORE School of Management will leave very few questions unanswered for the attendees.

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