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Working Paper 2018

Working Paper No. Title Author's Name

WP 2018/36

Study of the Opportunities and Challenges in Retail Industry in Indonesia: A Review Paper

Zameer, Asif

WP 2018/35

Progress towards Gender Equality: A Study of Women in Indonesia

Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra

WP 2018/34

Firm Level Determinants of Cash Holding: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia

Joshi, Himanshu

WP 2018/33

Patient Attitudes and Intentions to Adopt Technologies in Diabetes

Mishra, Vinaytosh

WP 2018/32

Intrinsic Motivational Potential Predicting Academic Performance: A Study of the Future Managers

Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra

WP 2018/31

Insights into Dutch Corporate Governance Code 2008 and Analysis of its Compliance by The Netherlands Listed Companies

Gupta, Ambrish

WP 2018/30

Developments And Innovations In Human Resource Management: An Evolutionary Perspective

Majumdar, Bishakha

WP 2018/29

Fair Employee Treatment and Financial Characteristics of Firms

Joshi, Himanshu

WP 2018/28

Input Diversification and Asset Performance in Indian I.T. Industry

Chauhan, Rajneesh & Bera, Subhasis

WP 2018/27

Changing Buying Behavior of Global Consumers: A Caselet of Dutch Consumers in Netherlands

Narula, Anupam

WP 2018/26

UDAYAN CARE - Transforming Lives

Lal, Anita Tripathy

WP 2018/25

Hello When in Russia Say- Zdravstvuyte!

Lal, Anita Tripathy

WP 2018/24

System Dynamics Modelling for Reverse Logistics Supply Firm

Sharma, Mohita Gangwar

WP 2018/23

Can India Produce Enough Doctors and Ensure 'Health for All'?

Potnuru, Basant

WP 2018/22

Are Higher Education Institution Websites 'International Students' Friendly? Analyzing Higher Education Institution Websites in Netherlands

Tripathi, Rakhi

WP 2018/21

Impact of Corporate Governance Measures on Corporate Performance: Comparative Analysis of Firms Based on their Market Capitalization and Management

Gupta, Vandana

WP 2018/20

System Dynamics Modelling for Humanitarian Supply Chain

Mishra, Vinaytosh

WP 2018/19

Understanding the Evolution in the Concepts of Organized Retailing in India

Zameer, Asif

WP 2018/18

Ind AS 113 Fair Value Measurement: It's Implications for Corporate Financial Reporting

Gupta, Ambrish

WP 2018/17

Option Trading, Information Asymmetry and Firm Innovativeness: Evidence from India

Joshi, Himanshu

WP 2018/16

Methods for Stimulating Creativity and Innovation in Marketing

Swaminathan, Freda

WP 2018/15

Challenges of Touch Point Marketing Techniques faced by Kimberly Clark in India: A Case study of Huggies Brand

Narula, Anupam

WP 2018/14

Cultural Sensitivity and Conflict Handling Styles in Cross-Cultural Settings

Bhatt, Prachi

WP 2018/13

Modelling using Progressive Type-II Censoring for Reciprocal Exponential Distribution

Kaur, Sumeet

WP 2018/12

Creating Information Technology Enabled Knowledge Asset Repositories in Indian Public Sector Banks: A Framework

Arora, Hitesh

WP 2018/11

A Paradigm Shift from Information to Transaction: A Longitudinal Study of HEI Websites in India

Tripathi, Rakhi

WP 2018/10

International Migration of Doctors: A Case of Indian Doctors in the UK

Potnuru, Basant

WP 2018/09

School Principals As Leaders: Major Research Trends And Future Directions

Majumdar, Bishakha

WP 2018/08

Inventory Management under Partial Trade Credit Policy

Kumar, Alok

WP 2018/07

Creating a Watch Dog Culture for Ethical Standards in Indian Advertising

Swaminathan, Freda

WP 2018/06

Study of Factors Influencing the Consumers' Adoption of Online Shopping: Empirical Analysis from Pakistan

Zameer, Asif

WP 2018/05

People Issues in the Telecom Industry and HR Preparedness: A Study of Select Telecom Companies in India

Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra

WP 2018/04

Organizational Culture Study based on Hofstede's Multi-Focus Model


WP 2018/03

Factors Influencing Consumer Perception to Buy Online & Offline

Kaur, Sumeet

WP 2018/02

The Impact of Span of Control on the Influence of Ethical Leadership: LMX & OCB

Jaiswal, Priyanka

WP 2018/01

Does Introduction of Single Stock Options Impact Stock Volatility: Empirical Evidence from Underlying Stocks in Indian Market

Joshi, Himanshu

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