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Deepa Batra

  • Deepa Batra, WMG - 16

    Profile: Regulatory Head - India, FMC Corporation

    Back in 2009, as the Asia-Pacific Registration Cordinator at EI Dupont India, Deepa Batra knew that the time had come to bolster her MSc in Microbiology with a career-oriented education. However, she was not keen on going the PhD way. Having worked for a year in EI Dupont, she had gained valuable perspective in research but she clearly needed the Management to grow on the corporate path. “I was looking for the best MBA program based on evening classes, because I didn’t want to quit my job for my MBA. After a lot of research I realised that FORE School of Management was really the one and only option.” Deepa joined the WMG-16 Batch at FORE School of Management. The 60 professionals shortlisted for the course were divided into two sections of 30 students each. Deepa recalls how these 60 individuals from different backgrounds and experience created a tremendous knowledge pool. “There was an Officer from the military as well, within our course. The competition was really tough and that challenge was an exceptional learning experience. The learning was so intense at FORE school of Management that within an year of passing out of FORE, I was offered a new role with EI Dupont. The WMG Course at FORE School of Management has added the kind of value and impact to my overall educational qualification that cannot be measured. My knowledge of management and understanding of how organizations think and operate grew exponentially while at FORE.” Deepa’s day starts early at 6 AM, since she’s in office by 8 in the morning. As a Six-Sigma Black Belt, she simultaneously manages two projects for EI Dupont. Her evenings are dedicated to some audio schedules with her Asia Pacific colleagues, which sometimes grows to an across-the-globe conference call. “The Post Graduation in Management from FORE School of Management was a wonderful experience. It was truly the best I could have, and happened at the right time of my career. I remember how some of my colleagues and seniors at EI Dupont, would be surprised by the sudden growth in my management wisdom, almost daily.You see, it’s a very different industry where I work. Agro chemicals in biology was previously dominated by generic companies; but now lots of multinationals are coming, that are spending a lot of money in research and developments in the country. It’s a rapidly growing industry. A qualified industry expert with a management degree from a premium B-school like FORE School of Managements is worth his or her weight in gold, today.” Hardly a day goes by when Deepa either does not miss the good times with her batchmates at FORE School of Management; sitting down in the canteen, sharing laughs over cups of hot tea and samosas, working till the wee hours of the morning over projects and presentation. Deepa feels that if there is one thing that absolutely gives the FORE WMG an edge over any other Part-time MBA, it is its peerless Faculty.The Professors are committed, many a times staying back way beyond the mandated time simply because some students wanted to discuss things through. She believes it is her PGDM from FORE School of Management that has endowed her with the attitude of practical thinking from the point of view of implementation; something that has helped her grow exponentially in her job, thereafter.

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