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Developing an Intrapreneurial Mindset for Effective Leadership

Developing an Intrapreneurial Mindset for Effective Leadership

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Duration: 2 days
Dates: July 9-10, 2020
Programme Director:Prof. Anita Tripathy Lal
Fees: Rs. 16,000 (Non-Residential), Rs. 28,000 (Residential) Plus GST @18%


In the changing times to succeed in various leadership roles, employees need to exceed all expectations at workplace. This is possible by having an ‘intrapreneurial mindset’ which would make them innovative, adaptable and resilient to thrive in a changing workplace.

An ‘intrapreneurial mindset is about taking ownership and responsibility of who you are and what you do. You take ownership of your work and job as if it was your company. This approach can certainly help the organization scale new heights. As It is based on being innovative, developing excellent professional habits and a strong sense of leadership and service. This would accelerate your brand and reputation in the workplace. Nothing is more important than building a legacy and reputation. It precedes you as well as follows you wherever you are and wherever you go. People want to work with people who are doers and movers, who are authentic and have a proven track record. An ‘intrapreneurial mindset’ in the workplace is the path to getting noticed, promoted and moving up in the corporate ladder!

In the competitive business environment, the shift in attitude demands that the ‘intrapreneurial mindset’ becomes a second nature to the new generation. Then how do you instill the ‘intrapreneurial mindset’. Through training, employees can develop an ‘intrapreneurial mindset’ for effective leadership at workplace.


  • To enhance the level of innovativeness.
  • To develop the sense of ownership.
  • To enhance the intrapreneurial competencies.
  • To succeed in achieving the organizational goals.


  • Importance of Intrapreneurial mindset at workplace
  • Mapping of Intrapreneurial Competencies
  • Creativity & Innovativeness and Alignment of Goals with the Vision of the Company
  • Developing Sense of Ownership and Accountability
  • Assessing the marketing initiatives
  • Achieving operational excellence
  • Understanding the financial implications of the business to mitigate risk
  • Stimulating Positivity at Work place


The participants are expected to be a good mix of the Sales and Marketing Managers, Project Leaders, Team leaders, Senior Managers, Consultants from Public Sector, Private Sector, Multinational Organizations, Government Departments and other sectors like Tourism, Hotel, BFSI, Advertising and Hospitals etc.

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