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Mindfulness for Managerial Effectiveness

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Duration: 2 days
Timings: 10 AM – 5.30 PM
Dates: NOvember 22-23, 2023
Programme Director:Prof. Chitra Khari & Mr. Sandeep Singh Sandhar*
Mode: Offline
Fees: Offline: Rs 16,000 +GST@18%
Residential: Rs 26,000 +GST@18%

Programme Introduction:

Recently, interest in research and practice of mindfulness in organizational setting has increased manifold. This interest has been fueled by the host of research findings which have highlighted the positive role of mindfulness for employees well-being and organizational bottom line. A large body of research has highlighted the implications of mindfulness on intra and interpersonal levels. Realizing its importance, many organizations have integrated mindfulness based programmes.
Recent discoveries in the field of Neuroscience have categorically proven how mindfulness training can reshape neuronal pathways, exert a healthy influence on brain function, and help leaders find a haven of clarity, calm and focus in a maelstrom of uncertainty. This programme holds a lot of significance specifically during COVID times when employees are more stressed and emotionally exhausted. Handling such workforce remains a big challenge for practitioners and requires both personal and social competencies. Equipping practitioners in mindfulness would help shape these competencies. Our subconscious mind is a really powerful source that heavily influences our skills concerning leadership and organizational success. And, not surprisingly, the subconscious often feels out of our control because its impact is either completely out of our awareness or we don't know how to access and change it. In this program, we'll help you reorganize and change in ways you didn't know you needed to change or that you could.
The programme focuses on manager’s own self growth and development by employing multiple formats and tools that allow space for self-exploration and provide developmental inputs drawing upon a diverse body of literature on mindfulness.

Programme objective:

  • To emphasize the relevance of mindfulness in organizations- both intrapersonal and interpersonal
  • To understand the role of mindfulness in defining managerial effectiveness
  • To earn self-knowledge on mindfulness and areas of improvement for leading effectively

Programme Content:

Takeaways for Participants from Mindful Experience:

  • Psychological and neurobiological underpinnings of mindfulness
  • Leveraging mindfulness as a human quality for enhancing managerial effectiveness
  • Mindfulness as a route to shape emotional intelligence competency
  • Leader mindfulness and its benefits for organizations
  • Mindfulness Practices - Mindfulness and Mastery of Attention
  • Understand and Lead Yourself - Compassion, Selfless Self-Leadership, Mindful Self Leadership
  • Mindfulness-based workplace interventions
  • Increased psychological well-being and resilience
  • Improved cognitive functioning in terms of focus, assimilation and processing of information
  • Decreased stress and emotional burnout
  • Improved communication and collaboration skills
  • Equipped to frame tool-kit for building and sustaining peak performance

Programme Methodology:

Individual & Peer Assessments, Experiential Techniques, Group Discussion and Lecture

Target Organizations:

All Organizations

Target Participants:

Mindfulness for managerial effectiveness workshop is intended for high-potential emerging practitioners. The following set of practitioners will find benefit from this programme :

  • ower and middle level managers who wish to inspire change and transform organizational practices.
  • Managers focused on building enhancing synergy within their Organization
  • Individuals who want to advance their managerial skills to lead diverse set of teams in an inspiring way.

Programme Director & Speakers:

Prof. Chitra Khari is an Assistant Professor in the area of Organizational Behavior at FORE School of Management, Delhi. Prior to this, she has taught at Institute of Management, Nirma University. She has more than more than 5 years of teaching and industry experience. She has completed her Ph.D. at the Department of Management studies, Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi), in the area of Organizational Behavior. She has been awarded national scholarship for her doctoral studies. She is the recipient of Fetzer scholarship given by MSR division of Academy of Management, US. She is an active researcher in the area of Positive Organizational Scholarship. She has presented her research work in national and international conferences of repute such as Academy of Management., US. She is a MHS, Canada, certified emotional intelligence professional.

Mr. Sandeep Singh Sandhar comes with a rich mix of corporate, entrepreneurial and academic experience of 20+ years spanning diverse organizations like Maruti Suzuki, Titan, Samsung Mobiles & National Geographic Channel. His start-up “Roads Less Travelled” was acquired by OYO and he helped establish the Holidays Business for OYO as a Business Head. As an Advisor & Visiting Professor, Sandeep helped establish Centre for Mindfulness at IIHMR University and lead Workshops & Retreats in the field of Happiness, Mindfulness and Stress Reduction. His deep passion and interest in the field of meditation alongside a corporate career lead to his journey of transformation. Sandeep leads evidence based programs in Happiness, Meditation, Mindfulness & Stress management for Corporates. His experiential and engaging workshops effortlessly blend Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom traditions. His key research interests are in the field of Adoption of Meditation practice for masses and Assessment of various meditation techniques on different personality types. On personal front Sandeep has been a state level sportsman, climbed two 5000 + meter peaks, travelled to 30 countries and 28 states in India apart from numerous treks across Himalayas.

Corporate Group Discount:

One complimentary nomination for every group of three nominations from the same organization, i.e.,3+1 participants for the fee of 3 participants

For registration/enquiries , please mail to or call at/+ 91 9166085159/+91 9810875278/+91-11-46485562 /41242477

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