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Prof. Tarun K. Soni

Prof. Tarun K. Soni

FPM, National Institute of Financial Management (Finance); MBA (Finance and Business Economics); M.A (Economics); UGC-NET; B. Com


Contact: 011-41242550

Total Years of Experience

10 Years

Brief description of Experience

Prof. Tarun K Soni is currently an Assistant Professor in the Finance Area at the FORE School of Management (FSM). Prior to joining FSM, he has worked with prestigious institutions/think tanks like Ministry of Finance, Prime Minister’s Office and Niti Aayog on public policy issues. He has taught finance subjects/courses at Postgraduate level to the students of management at Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Banasthali University, IBS Gurgaon and Jaipuria Institute of Management. He is a keen researcher and has published research papers in Scopus/ ABDC listed journals.

Research Interest Areas

Commodity Markets, Financial Markets, Time Series Modelling, CSR and Corporate Governance.

Consulting Interest Areas

Risk Management, Financial Markets, Wealth Management

Selected Publications

1) Singh, A and Soni, T. K. (2021) ‘Price Transmission in Cotton Futures Market: Evidence from Three Countries’ 14(9), 444., Journal of Risk and Financial Management.;, Ranked in: ABDC (Australia), B and Web of Science. Ranked in: ABDC (Australia), B
2) Soni, T. K., & Singh, A. (2020). ‘Directors’ remuneration, corporate governance and firm performance linkages: Evidence from the emerging country’. Corporate Ownership & Control, 18(1), 382-392. Ranked in: ABDC (Australia), B
3) Singh, A and Soni, T.K (2022) ‘Firm Performance and R&D Investment Linkages: Study of India’s Top 500 Companies’, accepted for publication, The Journal of Developing Areas (JDA), Ranked in: ABS (1)
4) Soni, T.K and Arora, A (2021) ‘Trends and Patterns in Indian Board Structure’, Asian Journal of Accounting and Governance 16: 93–104 (2021) (, Ranked in ABDC (Australia) and Scopus
5) Soni, T.K and Arora, A (forthcoming) ‘Women participation in corporate boards: Quantile Regression approach’, AAJFA, DOI: 10.1504/AAJFA.2021.10042446, Ranked in Scopus and ABDC (Australia)
6) Soni, T.K and Sehgal, S (2021) ‘Does Corporate Governance and financial capacity influence R&D intensity? Evidence from Indian Firms’, Empirical Economics Letters,20(3), Ranked in: ABDC (Australia)
7) Singh, A and Soni, T.K (2021) ‘Review of Microfinance Research: Evidence from Prominent Authors and highly cited Research Papers’, Empirical Economics Letters, 20(2), Ranked in: ABDC (Australia)
8) Soni, T.K. (2014). ‘Cointegration, linear and nonlinear causality: analysis using Indian Agriculture Futures contracts’. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 4(2),157-71 Ranked in: ABDC (Australia), Scopus Indexed
9) Chahal, H., Mishra, S., Raina S., & Soni, T.K, (2014) ‘A Comprehensive Model of Business Social Responsibility (BSR) For Small Scale Enterprises’. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 21(4), 716-39, Ranked in: ABDC (Australia), Scopus Indexed
10) Soni, T.K (2013). ‘Nonlinearity in Indian Commodity Markets: Evidence from a battery of tests. International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management (IJFERM), 1(1), 73-89. Indexed in Google Scholar and listed in Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities
11) Soni, T.K (2013). Testing Efficiency of Guar seed Futures: Empirical Evidence from India. Romanian Economic Journal, 16(47), 211-228. Abstracted and indexed in Ulrich’s Perodicals Director and EBSCO.
12) Soni, T.K. (2017). "Has Indian Commodity Future Market Lost Steam? Existing Scenario and the Way Forward". International Journal of Banking, Risk and Insurance ISSN Number: 2320-7507
13) Soni, T. and Arora, A. (2016) ‘CSR performance of MNCs and Non-MNCs- A Comparative Study’, LBS Journal of Management and Research. Vol. 14, No. 1, 23-32.
14) Arora, A. and Soni, T. (2017) ‘CSR and Firm Characteristics: Evidence from BSE 500’, International Journal of Information, Business and Management. 9(1), 119-140
15) Soni, T.K. (2015). ‘Agricultural Commodity Futures and Risk Management: Evidence from NMCE’, NIFM Journal of Public Financial Management, 7(1), 119-129
16) Soni, T.K & Singla, H.K. (2013) ‘A Study of the Efficiency and Unbiasedness in NCDEX: A Case Study of Guar Gum’, Indian Journal of Finance, 7(11), 28-37. Ranked in: ABDC (Australia), Scopus Indexed
17) Soni, T.K (2012). ‘Testing for Linear and Nonlinear Granger Causality in Notional Indian Multi-Commodity Indices’. ArthAnvesan, 17(1), 61-76.

Executive Education/MDPs

FORE School of Management has been designing, developing and conducting innovative Executive Education (EE)/ Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for working executives in India for over three decades.