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Prof. Sudeep S

  • Prof. Sudeep S

    How PGDM (International Business) Accelerates Careers options

    Stemmed from the idea of producing global managers to cater to the increasing demand from the national and international business organizations, PGDM-International Business program at FORE strives to transform students into international managers to work in global business environments. This unique program equips young management students to become industry ready for jobs in this globalization era. Students gather an understanding of various management functions and practices in the global market and learn to develop strategies to tackle international business scenarios.

    PGDM in International Business: A viable career option

    In pursuing the PGDM-IB course, students have access to advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies in the key functional areas of management. The courses taught in the program aim to instill a strategic perspective towards various functional disciplines such as marketing, finance, human resources, operations, apart from the core domain of international business. Students also gather knowledge about the business environment across industries, geographies, markets, economies, and cultures. They learn about business models and the intricacies of managing an organization with a global footprint.

    Holistic development

    The course provides a thorough understanding of management theory, instills skills appropriate for managerial practice, as well as in the essential issues in international business management. It helps prepare students holistically for a competitive global environment, empowering them to face the pressure and challenges with confidence. The students adopt a cross-functional and cross-cultural approach while taking decisions in a complex, volatile, and ambiguous business environment by pursuing this course.

    Professional growth

    PGDM-International Business course provides students with an opportunity to witness exponential professional growth. Students get to learn, work and interact with industry experts and management professionals. They evolve with the dynamic and complex working environment at the global level. The course also makes them deal with extreme and challenging situations, polishing their decision-making, leadership, managerial, and analytical thinking skills and preparing them to become a global manager in the truest sense! The students gain conceptual and analytical abilities for effective decision making, which is crucial for driving an organization. They get a chance to collaborate, communicate, inspire, lead, execute decisions, and gain self-discipline and the confidence to act ethically.

    Better career opportunities

    While pursuing this course, students get a chance to network with industry leaders and gather a first-hand account of their experiences. This further opens a plethora of career avenues for them ranging from roles of Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager to Business Analyst, Financial Analyst and Account Managers just to name a few. One of the major benefits of pursuing this course is the immense career opportunities that are available to students considering the trend to increased globalization ambitions of the Indian corporates and global attention garnered by India among the global multinational corporations. Students get access to a variety of career opportunities in businesses across industries, including health care, technology, financial services, manufacturing, consulting, etc. However, one can also choose to specialize in a particular field and eventually make a mark for themselves. Apart from securing a reputed job in the field of their choice, they also gain a handsome salary package!

    Paves the way for a corporate career

    The course offers a comprehensive understanding of the corporate world. The PGDM-IB course develops and trains students for respectable and key positions in large corporations with an international business focus. The PGDM IB graduates start with a supervisory position and eventually climb the ladder of success with the potential to become even the CEOs of organizations. The students gather the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to gain employment in the corporate sector or businesses at the global level.

    Summing up!

    In the PGDM-IB program, students are shaped holistically with the sole purpose of preparing them as global managers and leaders to navigate global business challenges. It helps instill business expertise along with strategic thinking capabilities, enabling them to learn about business management and improving organizational core competencies. The course offers a myriad of progressive career opportunities in the corporate sector across industries along with a matching salary package and thus is a brilliant career option!

    Prof. Sudeep S
    Professor and Area Chair (International Business Area)
    FORE School of Management
    New Delhi

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