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Purpose / essence / main scope of our committee –

Special Interest Group – Investment and Portfolio aims at fulfilling students’ aspirations by providing them with right opportunities, necessary exposure, along with imparting requisite skill sets in the domain of stock market, risk management, investment analysis and portfolio management. The committee aims to provide 360-degree exposure to all interested students and build their expertise in the areas of Investment, Risk, and Portfolio Management by conducting and spearheading various events and seminars. With the increasing competition in the field of investments and surging need for highly skilled portfolio managers, the SIG aims to update the students regularly with the on-going trends in these areas through social media handles and weekly news bulletin and enabling them to achieve more.


  • Market-O-Mania - Market-O-Mania is SIG-IP’s flagship event held on Genesis. It consists of 3 rounds each focusing on important aspects of being a passionate and knowledgeable manager. It provides an opportunity to bring the best out of candidates by using analytical and strategic skills and abilities to use.
  • FOLIO MASTERS - Previously known as “Dead Cat Bounce” is the much-awaited event of the year from Special Interest Group – Investment and Portfolio. Folio Masters attracts future and potential stock traders by providing them a platform to prove their love for stock markets. It consists of two rounds, each aiming to test important components required to be a successful trader, viz, Analytics, Knowledge, and Strategy. The event of Folio Masters is a virtual portfolio management event. Each team has a Chief Stock Manager (CSM) (Team Leader). Each team is provided with a fixed amount of virtual money which they need to trade in virtual stocks on the platform.
  • SEMINARS - SIG-IP conducts 3 seminars during the academic year where we bring in speakers who are industry leaders and experienced in the field of finance and they impart their knowledge among the students in an interactive session. They are FIN-X, FINIESTA and FIN-XPERT and we tend to follow different themes on all three events.
  • FINANCE TRIVIA - SIG-IP organizes a fun quiz on our social media to test the general awareness and analytical thinking ability of the participants. All you need to have is an interest in the stock markets.

Event Gallery :

Team Members:

  • Prince Mukherjee (Coordinator)

  • Yash Rastogi (Co-Coordinator)

  • Pragati Garg (Member)

  • Chandan Kumar Choubey (Member)

  • Aditya Bhattacharya (Member)

  • Kaustubh Singh (Member)

Events and Activities Reports :

SIG-IP Events and Activities Report AY 2021-22

SIG-IP Events and Activities Report AY 2020-21

SIG-IP Events and Activities Report AY 2019-20

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